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NoteTab 6.2 now available

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  • Eric Fookes
    Hi everyone, We re pleased to announce the release of NoteTab 6.2 (all versions). You ll find the update link in NoteTab s Check for Updates feature, which
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2010
      Hi everyone,

      We're pleased to announce the release of NoteTab 6.2 (all versions).
      You'll find the update link in NoteTab's "Check for Updates" feature,
      which is available from the Help menu. If you don't see the version 6.2
      info in the News and Updates window, click on the "Get headlines" button
      at the top-left of the screen to refresh the list. Make sure you allow
      NoteTab to connect to the Internet.

      Improvements in this version:

      * Updated the regular expressions engine to the latest release, which is
      based on PCRE 8.01 (Perl 5.10).

      * Now uses the Windows user-interface default font instead of MS Sans Serif.

      * Fixed an issue when saving Web pages that have a mismatch between
      their charset declaration (Unicode) and the actual file format (not


      Eric Fookes
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