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    ... Look what you have on the line before the opening BODY tag.
    Message 1 of 7 , May 9, 2008
      Joe wrote:
      > Also where I put BODY following HEAD according to everything
      >have read, I get a validation error of document type does not allow
      >element BODY here? No clue here.

      Look what you have on the line before the opening BODY tag.

      It's like this. Both the start and closing tag for BODY are actually
      optional in HTML (but keep on using thems!). If they aren't used,
      they are "implied". No content, tags or text, can go between the
      closing HEAD tag and the opening BODY tag. But you have put a BR
      there. When the validator encounters the BR, it correctly assumes an
      implied opening BODY tag must come before it. So when it comes to the
      opening BODY tag you actually wrote, it sees it as a second BODY tag.

      It's a machine. It takes it line by line. That's why its output is
      sometimes a little oracle like. What you want to hear is: "Hey!
      You've put a BR tag between HEAD and BODY. That's no good!". The a
      validator won't say that, but I can. ;-)

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