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Re: [NH] Opera 9.2/WIN and targets

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  • WV-Mike
    ... Here is what I did and it now works.   --
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 30, 2007
      At 10:10 AM 10/30/2007 , you wrote:
      >Dunno, but I suspect it has to do with that <a name="...></a><a
      >href=""...><img...></a> are all in line elements and that <a name=""> has
      >no relation to the image at all. If you delete the <a name=""> altogether
      >and move the name and id attributes to the other A tag, the one that
      >actually contains the IMG, it'll work as you want.
      >For extra safety you could ditch the 'name' altogether and use the id with
      >the P under the image, the one with the caption. IIRC Netscape 4 is the
      >newest browser that benefits from 'name'. You could also use the id in the
      >IMG tag. I'd put it where I suspected I might have other use for it,
      >probably in a DIV around the whole thing, image and caption.

      Here is what I did and it now works.

      <!-- <a name="ert07CA_D19-20_wk4_sat-sun23.jpg"
      id="ert07CA_D19-20_wk4_sat-sun23.jpg"> </a> -->

      <a href="d19_sunday_w4/hres/ert07CA_D19-20_wk4_sat-sun23.jpg">
      <img src="d19_sunday_w4/ert07CA_D19-20_wk4_sat-sun23.jpg" title="" alt=""
      <p>ert07CA_D19-20_wk4_sat-sun23.jpg </p>

      If I placed the ID in the P tag Opera still navigates to the bottom of the

      I removed this from the clip:
      ^!InsertHtml <a name="^%imagename%" id="^%imagename%"> </a>

      And added id="^%imagename%" to this clip line:

      ^!InsertHtml <a href="hres/^%imagename%"><img src="^%imagename%"
      width="^%ImgWidth%" height="^%ImgHeight%" title="^%TITLE%" alt="^%ALT%"
      id="^%imagename%"/></a>^p<p>^%ImageName% </p>^p^p

      Which outputs this:
      <a href="hres/ert07CA_D19-20_wk4_sat-sun32.jpg"><img
      src="ert07CA_D19-20_wk4_sat-sun32.jpg" width="450" height="300" title=""
      alt="" id="ert07CA_D19-20_wk4_sat-sun32.jpg"/></a>

      It works!
      By god, I think I may actaully be learning something!

      Thanks a bunch.
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