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[NTB] Tables or not new project

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  • Kerry Coates
    ok, the website URL is http://www.3ringrodeo.net/index3.htm The style sheet is http://www.3ringrodeo.net/styles2.css If you go to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13 11:47 PM
      ok, the website URL is http://www.3ringrodeo.net/index3.htm
      The style sheet is http://www.3ringrodeo.net/styles2.css

      If you go to http://www.3ringrodeo.net/index4.htm you will get to the second home page (index4) which does not have the <embed> music playing. When I first uploaded index3, the music did not play. Today it is. I didn't change anything. But I had heard that <embed> is no longer acceptable -- I don't know how else to do it.

      The things that bother me about this page is that in Mozilla it has a solid border. In IE, the double border shows up. I like the double border and I think the solid border in Mozilla is not as attractive. Just my little quirk, I guess. But I am wondering if that can be fixed and if it takes too much work, I will just leave it the way it is.

      Another thing is that the boys' profiles are neatly centered in Mozilla, but in IE they are off-set a little to the right. I jerked around with the margins, but I am wondering if there is a bigger problem since I couldn't get the margins set to where it would render as centered in IE the way it is in Mozilla.

      And also, I want the marquees to be to the right of their pictures, but they end up under their pictures. Of all the time I spent on creating this non-tables code, I spent the most of my time trying to figure this one out. I am lost. I also heard that marquee is not good code. Is that true?

      This is my husband's band website, BTW! His name is Paul !!!! You can see the original page I created a long time ago (using tables) at http://www.3ringrodeo.net/ -- I got the original idea from a FrontPage template and I liked the graphics and the overall layout so I stole all that, then I took the code line by line and removed a LOT of trash and unnessary stuff and cleaned it up pretty good. It doesn't validate because of the "embed" and the "marquee" code. The boys love the website I created for them, but I want to get them ready for IE7.

      Kerry Coates
      Visit all my websites!

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      From: Cary Driscoll
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      Sent: Monday, November 13, 2006 1:31 AM
      Subject: Re: [NH] Re: [NTB] Tables or not

      Oh, I just noticed this after I sent the last mail. Since "#content-main"
      had a 10px margin it's width should be reduced to 655px. This will allow the
      "#content div" padding to be increased back up to 9px. The original padding
      was 10px, but the new arrangement of divs can cause the "content-left"
      column to flow under the "content-right" instead of along the left side if
      the total width of the left and right content gets any bigger..

      Modified styles:

      #content div {
      border:0px solid #CAB59A; }

      #content-main {
      width:655px; }

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