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Re: [NH] Re: [NTB] Tables or not

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  • Cary Driscoll
    Hi Kerry, Here s something you can try out. I ve been messing around with the CSS of a local copy I made of your page because I m trying to learn some CSS
    Message 1 of 34 , Nov 12, 2006
      Hi Kerry,

      Here's something you can try out.

      I've been messing around with the CSS of a local copy I made of your page
      because I'm trying to learn some CSS things myself and wanted to figure out
      a different way to compose the divs on a page as complicated as yours. As it
      is, if you remove your left link list content the Random Thoughts at the
      bottom will once again overlap your main content. The following style sheet
      I made would make it quite a bit easier I think to remove your left content
      without too many headaches. The spacing between things isn't quite what you
      had, but you can change/fix all that with more styles.

      I first had to rearrange some of your divs in the html file and add some new
      divs like so:

      <div id="wrapper">
      <div id="header">...</div>
      <div id="content">
      <div id="content-right"> (new div)
      <div id="content-main">...</div>
      <div class="row"> (new div)
      <div id="content-box1" class="box">...</div>
      <div id="content-box2" class="box">...</div>
      <div id="content-box3" class="box">...</div>
      <div class="row"> (new div)
      <div id="content-box4" class="box">...</div>
      <div id="content-box5" class="box">...</div>
      <div id="content-box6" class="box">...</div>
      <div id="content-box7">...</div>
      <div id="content-left">...</div>
      <div id="footer">
      <div id="bottom">...</div>

      I added a class to boxes 1 to 6 because they all had the same styling. I
      then used that class instead of the ID to style them. You can still use the
      id's to adjust the padding, margins, etc. of a specific box.

      This is the modified version of your style sheet. I've only included the
      parts that are new or I think I may have changed. "#content-box[1-6]" no
      longer have any style information.

      #wrapper {
      margin:0px auto;
      background-color: #CAB59A; }

      #content {
      width: 900px; }

      #content div {
      border:0px solid #CAB59A; }

      .row {
      width: 665px;
      clear: both; }

      .box {
      border: 1px solid #bbb;
      float: left;
      padding: 0px;
      width: 200px; }

      #content-right {
      float: right;
      width: 665px; }

      #content-left {
      background-color: #C0A080;
      float: left; }

      #content-main {
      width:665px; }

      #content-box7 {
      border:0px solid #CAB59A;
      clear: both; }

      #footer {
      border:0px solid #000000;
      clear: both; }

      #bottom {
      text-align:center; }


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      From: "Kerry Coates"
      Sent: Sunday, November 12, 2006 2:37 AM
      Subject: Re: [NH] Re: [NTB] Tables or not

      > Now I need to build another page without the links on the left. If I
      can get that to work like this one, then I can start to rebuild my website
      which has over 200 pages. fun. I am looking forward to it.
      > THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      > Hugs,
      > Kerry Coates
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      > http://www.GilaMountainDulcimers.com
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    • Cary Driscoll
      Hi Kerry, I haven t had time to look too carefully at it, but some testing revealled that IE 6 doesn t extend the background color through the width of the
      Message 34 of 34 , Nov 14, 2006
        Hi Kerry,

        I haven't had time to look too carefully at it, but some testing revealled
        that IE 6 doesn't extend the background color through the width of the
        border which makes a black double border and a black background look solid
        in other browsers.

        You can use this instead of <embed>, but it's only for MP3s.

        <object classid="clsid:02bf25d5-8c17-4b23-bc80-d3488abddc6b"
        codebase="http://www.apple.com/qtactivex/qtplugin.cab" width="100"
        <param name="src" value="music/oldloversmoon.mp3">
        <param name="controller" value="true">
        <param name="autoplay" value="true">
        <!--[if !IE]>-->
        <object type="audio/x-mpeg" data="music/oldloversmoon.mp3" width="100"
        <param name="controller" value="true">
        <param name="autoplay" value="true">

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        From: "Kerry
        Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2006 1:00 PM
        Subject: Re: [NH] Re: [NTB] Tables or not

        > Have you had a chance to look over the new project? If not, that is ok.
        You have helped me so much already!!! I need to get back to my real job now
        and quit playing! Thanks again!
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