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NoteTab Pro 5.1 and NoteTab Std 5.1 released!

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  • Eric Fookes
    Hi everyone, We re pleased to announce the release of NoteTab Pro 5.1 and NoteTab Std 5.1! This update is free for NoteTab 5.0 customers:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2006
      Hi everyone,

      We're pleased to announce the release of NoteTab Pro 5.1 and NoteTab Std
      5.1! This update is free for NoteTab 5.0 customers:


      Changes from Version 5.0 to 5.1:

      * Added token for Header/Footer line separator on printed pages.
      Use an underscore character ( _ ) at the start of the Header and/or
      Footer field to insert a separator line on printed pages between the
      main document text and the header/footer text.

      * Added "Close All Other" command to documents tabbar shortcut menu.

      * Added method to print only selected text.
      Hold down the Shift key while you click on the Print or Print Preview

      * Added /USER=FolderName command-line switch.
      By default, NoteTab 5 stores per-user customization files under the
      Application Data folder:
      <SYSTEMDRIVE>\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data
      Use the /USER switch to specify a different location for the NoteTab
      customization files. This option is particularly useful if you work with
      sensitive data (point to a folder on an encrypted drive) or simply don't
      want to leave files behind on the computer you're using (point to a
      removable drive like a USB key). Example:
      NotePro.exe /USER="E:\NoteTab Data"

      * Only Template files with the .tpl extension are now interpreted.
      Earlier versions of NoteTab checked all files for the template header,
      irrespective of file extension. Some users felt this was a potential
      security issue and requested to limit this feature to files with the
      official template .tpl extension.

      * The Euro Clipbook was not part of the initial 5.0 package. Due to
      frequent requests, it is now included with NoteTab again.

      * Updated the code for ^!DirectPrint Clip command to improve
      compatibility under Windows XP and other NT versions.

      * Clip lines starting with a command (^!CommandName) are now
      automatically stripped of trailing blank characters before execution.
      This eliminates unexpected Clip errors due to stray blanks.

      * Fixed slow loading of Clipbars.

      * Fixed issue with modal dialogs sometimes ending up behind main NoteTab
      window, notably when receiving focus from another application. When this
      happened, NoteTab appeared to lock up.

      * Fixed issue opening files with wildcards from the command line when an
      instance of NoteTab is already running.

      * Fixed issue with "Open File at Cursor" that failed to open files when
      used on relative filenames.

      * Fixed several reference errors in the Utilities Clipbar.

      * Fixed issue loading Clipbooks and Clipbars that have dots in their name.

      * Fixed minor issues in ^$StrCapitalize()$ and ^$StrSplit()$ Clip functions.

      * Fixed an issue in NoteTab Std with the ^$GetLine$ Clip function which
      returned an extra character at the end of the line.

      * Fixed an issue in NoteTab Std with certain regex Replace All
      operations failing to work.

      * Fixed an issue in NoteTab Std with the Undo command after a Replace
      All operation.

      * Fixed an issue in NoteTab Pro with the line-number ruler not
      repainting properly after the program window is maximized/restored.

      * Several other minor glitches fixed.

      * Updated Glossary.otl file.

      * Updated Help files.


      Eric Fookes
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