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Re: [NH] Another Line Number Question

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  • Jody
    Hi thefrank, It s been awhile since you ve posted! Welcome back!-) ... I believe all the text sizing in NoteTab are now configured so that if the system font
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 2, 2006
      Hi thefrank,

      It's been awhile since you've posted! Welcome back!-)

      >I have line numbers turned on by default.
      >when I open a blank document in NTP and then paste some text
      >copied from another file, the width of the margin where the line
      >numbers appear does not widen to accommodate all the digits of
      >the line numbers.
      >if there are 7000 lines I can only see the last 3 digits. the
      >only way I have found to repair is to uncheck View > Line Numbers
      >and then check it again. when I do that the margin is now wide
      >enough to see all the numbers.
      >is there a better way to deal with this?

      I believe all the text sizing in NoteTab are now configured so
      that if the system font is used and hard coded into the program
      in areas where we cannot change is fixed now. In times past if
      the system font was too big for the area, then part of the text
      could not be seen, chopped off... It all, in v5 coming soon :),
      It now resizes according to the size of the text automatically. I
      submitted another request after reading it this morning bagging
      for the line numbering to be changed this release, but we may
      have to wait for a future release of 5.x to get it.

      Also, I had mentioned on one of the lists that there was not
      going to be an upgrade fee for existing users. Due to some other
      information Eric gave us about future releases there will
      probably be an upgrade fee. There hasn't been one since before
      January of 1998. That was version 4.011 that I have record of.
      There will of course be free upgrades for users of v5 until v6
      comes out.

      Now that the Delphi, (a programming tool used to program with),
      code is upgraded Eric will be upgrading NoteTab more often like
      he is with our other software. There's still a number of features
      that can be added to NoteTab that people want that can be done
      with the current input control. This is the latest news on v5...

      Hi everyone,

      Thanks for your latest feature requests. Many of those require a fair
      amount of work so they probably won't make it in NoteTab 5.0 - Otherwise
      I won't get a final release ready before next year <g>.

      Here's what I still have on my to-do list for version 5.0:

      * Add Print Preview.
      * Use a new trial version method.
      * Fix last bugs.
      * Update pricing and all documentation.
      * Release NoteTab 5.0


      Eric Fookes

      Happy HTML'n!

      Fookes Software Yahoogroups:
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