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Line Numbering (was Re: [NH] Code for HTML Extended Characters

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  • Jody
    Hi Lotta, Marcelo, and Others, ... LOL - But, I know what you mean. At times, I feel like I don t get some commands/functions I request that Eric doesn t do it
    Message 1 of 23 , Jun 1, 2006
      Hi Lotta, Marcelo, and Others,

      >> So, what I would really like is... well, to be able to choose
      >> if Notetab counts/numbers/searches lines "as displayed" on
      >> screen
      >Ha! I've asked for this for10 years - at least. I'm sure it's on
      >the special don't-fix-this-because-Lotta-wants-it list. ;-)

      LOL - But, I know what you mean. At times, I feel like I don't
      get some commands/functions I request that Eric doesn't do it
      because he doesn't want people to think he has favorites. <g>
      And, I surely don't want to be called the "teacher's pet." <g>

      >Jokes aside, I guess the clippo stuff complicates it maybe. Then
      >again, I don't see why clips need to count wrapped lines either.
      >I probably miss something.

      My guess would be that it would slow down NoteTab too much and,
      probably a lot more difficult to program than we non-programmers
      think. Eric's known about it you full 10+ years too Lotta, oh, so
      it's your fault that we don't have it! Well, at least we know why
      and can say, "It's Lotta's fault!" <g>

      I'll hopefully get an answer about it tomorrow and will let you
      know what Eric's plans are in reference to the line numbering. I
      have a pretty nice Library called nnnLines, but I just noticed a
      tiny bug in it. Will upload later. Here's some general info about

      The only way you can print line numbers is by adding/inserting
      the line numbers to the document. So, you would want to make a
      copy first, place your cursor on line one or where you want to
      start the numbering at, and then click on Modify | Lines | Number

      You can also look over my nnnLines Library. There are a number of
      ways to add line numbers some of them have many options and yet
      one you might like automatically makes a new document, numbers
      the lines, and then prints all with one click. You can add as
      many of the Clips to your default Clipbar when using a registered
      version of NoteTab.

      About halfway down in the attached Library there is a Clip called
      "Remove Numbers..." If there is no period, colon, etc. after the
      numbers just type in the amount of spaces, literally, use the
      Spacebar. You may have to use the Replace dialog to remove any
      leading spaces that may have been used for padding your numbers
      or any other stuff that the Clip does not do. It will remove all
      of like "239 " "66. " "777. " without the quotes though. If there
      are different separators following the numbers, you will need to
      run the Clip for as many times as there are different separators.

      The Library gets extracted to NoteTab's Libraries folder.
      nnnLines download link:

      Happy HTML'n!

      Fookes Software Yahoogroups:
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