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Re: [NH] Re: input attributes Was:[NTB]

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  • Kerry Coates
    Thank you, Marcelo. No, it wasn t enough just to put the tidy.exe file in the same folder as NoteTab. I will try to add that line of code to the .ini file
    Message 1 of 17 , Apr 21, 2006
      Thank you, Marcelo. No, it wasn't enough just to put the tidy.exe file in
      the same folder as NoteTab. I will try to add that line of code to the .ini
      file and see it it finds it. Thanks again!

      Kerry Coates
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      > On the last exciting episode, aired on 19/4/2006 00:05, Kerry Coates
      > invited the wrath of the gods by saying:
      >> Marcelo,
      >> Yes, thank you! I used to have Tidy but when I changed computers I
      >> couldn't get it working again. I went through all sorts of e-mails
      >> trying
      >> to get the file back to where it should be but I could never get it to
      >> recognize the file. So I have been doing with out Tidy. Thank you for
      >> your
      >> answer. If I had Tidy I would try it this way.
      >> When I lost Tidy I wasn't overly concerned because I ran into
      >> problems
      >> with it like you say -- sometimes it would scramble my page!
      >> Then one day I decided it would be a good thing to have and tried to
      >> get
      >> it back and it was futile.
      > Tidy official page:
      > http://tidy.sourceforge.net/
      > Latest Windows build:
      > http://dev.int64.org/tidy.html
      > Usually it's enough to just place the tidy.exe file in the same folder
      > as Notetab.
      > You MAY, however, have to add a line to the [Options] section in the
      > notetab.ini (or notepro.ini if you are using the Pro version) file in
      > the format:
      > TidyExe=C:\Program Files\Notetab Lite\tidy.exe
      > You can't edit directly the notetab.ini file with Notetab itself, by the
      > way. You can use a different editor, or save it with a different name
      > and manually replace it; but the easiest way by far is just to save the
      > altered file as !notetab.ini (yes, that's an exclamation mark in the
      > beginning), close Notetab and reopen it. Notetab will find the changed
      > file and replace the old one with it automatically.
      > You may also wish to create/fiddle with the tidy.cfg file. It should be
      > in the Notetab folder.
      > Oh, another interesting option to be checked is Igor Podlubny's free
      > offline validator. It's small, reasonably fast, integrates well with
      > Notetab, and can be found here:
      > http://www.tuke.sk/podlubny/
      > **Marcelo
      > CSE HTML Validator Lite - it's free:
      > http://home.earthlink.net/~5wink/dl/cselite652.exe
      > Fookes Software Home: http://www.fookes.us/redir
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