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Re: [NH] Display USNO Clock

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  • R Shapp
    Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 19, 2006
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      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the reply

      <<put a onload instruction on the top of your page and refer to their page,
      this means when I click on your page the bottom half will load theirs . >>

      I found a different USNO clock that will launch automatically on my website.
      I runs for only a maximum of 30 seconds, and it doesn't display in MSIE. For
      many users, the quick sample of correct time will be sufficient because most
      users go to that page for other reasons. Because of its shortcomings,
      however, I have provided a separate link to the full-blown USNO clock which
      runs continuously on all browsers. The link launches a separate instance of
      the browser, and displays the world-wide areas of darkness and light as well
      as the correct time.


      Ray Shapp
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