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Re: Open challenge - EZT + JS = "Live Thumbnails: Watch 'em Grow"?

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  • acummingsus
    (the zoom pics example web page worked very nicely on firefox on Linux) From that example site, I found 6 pics in firefox cache on hard drive. I copied
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 23, 2006
      (the zoom pics example web page worked very nicely on firefox
      on Linux)

      From that example site, I found 6 pics in firefox cache on hard drive.
      I copied these pics to /home/al/tmp4

      While it this method displays the thumbnails it pre downloads the
      large version of each pic to browser cache (on hard drive). So, for 3
      pics, there's a small and a large version of each pic downloaded. The
      total comes to 6 pics (from that example site page).

      "C:\Programs\Easy Thumbnails\EzThumbs.exe" /files *.jpg /P=~ /W=350
      /H=350 /HTML=index /Q=80 /L

      That's a one liner batch file named 350.bat (remove line break if
      exists and insure that a space is where line break was)

      I think it retains ratio but that the max in either direction is 350

      al@AB60R:~/tmp4$ pl_identify piclist.txt
      AE1CC461d01 JPEG 480x360 DirectClass 104kb 0.020u 0:01
      AE1DC461d01 JPEG 360x480 DirectClass 56kb
      AE1EC461d01 JPEG 480x360 DirectClass 92kb 0.020u 0:01
      B100908Bd01 JPEG 180x240 DirectClass 20kb
      B100918Bd01 JPEG 240x180 DirectClass 26kb 0.010u 0:01
      B100938Bd01 JPEG 240x180 DirectClass 29kb

      al@AB60R:~/tmp4$ ls
      AE1CC461d01 AE1DC461d01 AE1EC461d01 B100908Bd01 B100918Bd01
      B100938Bd01 piclist.txt

      (why the funny pic names, I don't know, I wondering if firefox had
      anything to do with that)
      (ls is linux directory listing -- notice I ran it from tmp4). I used
      the next script pl_identify which listed the above ID info about each
      pic, the size etc.

      #!/usr/bin/perl -w
      use strict;
      my $old = shift;
      open(OLD, "<", $old) or die "cant open $old: $!";
      my @lines = <OLD> ;
      close(OLD) or die "cant close $old: $!";
      foreach my $line ( @lines ) {
      # system("wget $base$line");
      # system("wget $line");
      # system("md5sum $line");
      system("identify $line"); # imagemagick identify command on ea pic file
      } # end

      So, just that I got that pic info, you need two batch files: one at
      480 and the 2nd batch file at 240 (instead of the one .bat file at 350)

      Also you need the zip file of code and instructions for download from
      that example page (EZT does not code the html_markup/javascript not
      this complex anyways or can the html be templated as I thought there's
      no opt to change the simple EZT dir list html but maybe I'm wrong)

      That's a start.


      On Wednesday 22 February 2006 17:53, Alec Burgess(g) wrote:
      > Hi guys:
      > note: I've cc'd both EZthumbs and Notetab-HTML groups as this seems
      to fall
      > in both.
      > Here's a description of an interesting use of javascript to make a
      page of
      > thumbnails auto-resize the specific image clicked while flowing the
      > around and about it.
      > Open Challenge:
      > Can anyone figure out a way to create a template for EZThumbs that would
      > allow a "dumb" user to do the same thing? (Note the effect is similar to
      > that provided by the builtin Zoom function but seems to require only the
      > thumbnail and the full-size image unlike the Zoomer which builds
      > intermediate slices.)
      > Any takers? I'd attempt it myself but don't think I know enough
      > and/or HTML to do it successfully :-(
      > Technical explanation:
      > A working example: http://diverged.org/thumbnail/
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