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Re: [NH] Error message when trying to access 'Help'

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  • sisterscape
    Hey, Mike. The only connection between eartherdesigns and the error message is that s where I posted the screen capture so y all could see it. Yes, all the NTB
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 15, 2006
      Hey, Mike. The only connection between eartherdesigns and the error
      message is that's where I posted the screen capture so y'all could see

      Yes, all the NTB files are there and run fine once I get click off the
      error message that Windows is throwing up. What you saw is only a gif
      because it is a screenie.

      I am almost never connected to the internet when I code - still on
      dialup. You know us earth type people tend to be Luddites. ;)

      I keep my computer tight as a drum and clean as a whistle. Haven't had
      any virus or malware on my last two computers. Just an occasional
      unwanted cookie. Must be all good earthy livin'

      --- Mike Hopkins <ironmike@...> wrote:

      > When I checked the eartherdesigns web site
      > http://www.eartherdesigns.com/index.html
      > in Texas, USA I found no reason to suspect a connection between them
      > and
      > Fookes software of Bern, Switzerland. The directory above the
      > error.gif gave
      > me a 403 error, not authorized, so I wasn't able to check whether
      > there were
      > similar gifs from websites other than Notetab. The basic
      > eartherdesigns site
      > seems to be a local/regional webdesign site favoring earth-first type
      > clients. I didn't run a whois on them either.
      > Based on this paltry information I would say that your computer *may*
      > have
      > been the victim of adware, substituting the NTHelp gif from
      > eartherdesigns
      > for the help.chm file in Notetab.
      > I would use windows explorer to check that the notetab.chm files were
      > really
      > on your box -- and that they were the real thing. Then I would search
      > for
      > the eartherdesigns gif and delete it. Then I would delete all temp
      > internet
      > files and clean up the cookies folders, run a full security scan --
      > antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-adware.
      > run a
      > good firewall. I do and I rarely find more than one or two tracking
      > cookies
      > and only very, very rarely any other malware.
      > Mike Hopkins
      > ironmike AT inav.net

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