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New Clips at Snatch-A-Clip

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  • Jody
    Hi All, I put some a new Clips up on Snatch-A-Clip and a Library up on my Libraries page. Get DiskFile Lines ClipBar Grabber Button Cleaner NoteView v2.0
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2000
      Hi All,

      I put some a new Clips up on Snatch-A-Clip and a Library up on
      my Libraries page.

      Get DiskFile Lines
      ClipBar Grabber
      Button Cleaner
      NoteView v2.0


      Get DiskFile Lines (05-30-2000)

      This Clip will get the text on a specific line from all the files
      in a folder by file type(s). The output depends on what you
      specify for the search criteria and options. For instance, you
      can open all "*.*htm*" files containing "HTML 3.2" on the line
      specified. Or, you might want to display all ".htm" files that do
      not have "<HTML>" in the line in an Info box. Options for case
      sensitive and the output type: Display in InfoBox, Insert into
      New Document, Open Files in NoteTab. Wildcards are allowed.

      ClipBar Grabber (05-09-2000)

      This Clip gets all the files needed to build the active Clipbar
      including: .clb, .ctb, .ico, and .bmp. You must have all the
      Clips in a Library with the same name as the Clipbar .ctb file.
      After is collects all the files it needs, they are zipped up
      using WinZip. You need to look at the code and change the line
      for WinZip according to the comments above it or use another
      commandline compression utility such as PKZip.

      Button Cleaner (05-07-2000)

      This Clip moves buttons (*.bmp;*.ico) found in NoteTab's
      Libraries folder that are not used on the Clipbar to
      ..\Libraries\xButtons. *_Do not use_* with versions prior
      to 4.82.

      NoteView Version 2.0 (Last update on 05-11-2000)

      Thanks to Dennis Cummins for his perseverance in helping to test
      this Library Clipbar over what seems like about three months time.
      There was and still is a problem if OnClipBoardChange is in a
      Library that is active when you use the Clipbar with the "Create
      Thumbnails..." tool. Instructions are in "Information" on how to
      prevent it from happening.

      Creates thumbnails of images in folders of your choice from and to
      many different file types using IrfanView. Checkbox to select the
      files. Does batch conversion of many file types in the background
      while you continue to work in NoteTab. Checkbox to select the
      files. Can view a directory of images by type (or all) with a
      setting to delay the interval of changing pics. Delete images of
      choice from a checkbox. Checkbox to select the files. Setup for
      software and image directory paths. Other tools as well... OH,
      sound too. :)

      Make sure you read "Information."

      Buttons to open the following freeware with downloads to each one.
      BK Colour Coder, Embellish, IconEdit32, IconJack32. Just under 30
      buttons on the Clipbar. (Button for: Paint Shop Pro to boot.;)

      Links only:
      LView Pro Image Editor
      Icon Maker

      Requires NoteTab v4.81 or above
      http://www.sureword.com/notetab/zip/noteview.zip (96kb)

      IrfanView by Irfan Skiljan of Austria, Europe, Freeware

      NoteTab Pro v4.82 (upgrade wrapper); size 1462 KB:
      NoteTab Std v4.82 (upgrade wrapper); size 1411 KB:
      NoteTab Light v4.82 (Freeware); size 1233 KB:

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

      The NoteTabbers Assistant Page

      The NoteTab Basic Discussion List
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