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Re: [NH] Javascript for Search Site

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  • Jody
    Hi Don, ... Perhaps soon, because of the direction it is going, as in: I cannot connect to o ftp.motetab.net in telnet or do I need my DNS number; do I need
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 3, 2005
      Hi Don,

      >Shouldn't this more appropriately be either on the off topic list
      >or scripting list?

      Perhaps soon, because of the direction it is going, as in: I
      cannot connect to "o ftp.motetab.net" in telnet or do I need my
      DNS number; do I need to disconnect my regular connect first? <g>

      However, remember, it is the Basic list with the strict rules and
      the others are a bit more flexible. I think I have been pretty
      flexible with all the Perl that is posted on the Clips/HTML
      lists. I believe I mentioned in the past that FTP clients, some
      use of them, was OK on this list; certainly javascript, Clips,
      and CSS is OK. Do we need to restrict those and PHP, ASP, etc. on
      this list as well? I just want a search field and button on my
      HTML page. <g> This is an excerpt from the long discussion
      mailing list post that I make a few times a month; that most old
      timers, or perhaps most in general do not read.

      + WHICH LIST to post on???

      If you sign up for any of the discussion lists, please *_do not_*
      post questions about NoteTab *Clips* and other scripting languages
      (such as *RegExp*, PERL, etc.) on the NoteTab Basic list. Use the
      Clips or Scripts list for them.

      More difficult tasks should be posted on the Clips or Scripts
      lists. HTML should be posted on the ntb-HTML list and off topic
      discussion takes place on the ntb-OffTopic list. The MailBag
      Assistant, Easy Thumbnails, Easy Imager, and Album Express lists
      are for discussion of those programs.

      The most important thing to remember is please leave the NoteTab
      Basic list for the *_very basic_* use of NoteTab. The other lists
      are a lot more flexible, for instance: Clips and RegExp can be
      used and are welcomed on the HTML list. Thanks!!!

      >Where's Jody when you need him? ;-P

      Too busy telling others where to post to have time to figure it
      out for myself. Take your pick: ê¿ê ©¿© (:?Þ)~~~~ ò¿ó¬ ;) <g> :-) 8D

      >Jody wrote:
      >> Hi Lee,
      >> Well, it's been awhile... ;)
      >>>Also, if you can use one written in Perl, this is an excellent one:
      >> Thanks! I've never worked with this before, so here's my first "dummie"
      >> question. (I uploaded to my notetab.net site into the existing folder
      >> cgi-bin. Am I to literally make the changes in the conf.pl like below.
      >CSE HTML Validator Lite - it's free: http://home.earthlink.net/~5wink/dl/cselite652.exe
      >Fookes Software Home: http://www.fookes.us/redir
      >Yahoo! Groups Links

      Happy HTML'n!

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