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Re: [NH] Tidy HTML - batch processing

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  • Jody
    Hi Mike, ... I cannot help with those, sorry... ... No, but my DirStuff has a Clip that I think works that will do a whole directory of HTML files using
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 16, 2005
      Hi Mike,

      > I also need help setting up a config file to help with the
      > content of the.err files.
      > One thing I would like to change in Tidy: It strips out "extra"
      > ^p between paragraphs. I like to have the paragraphs separated
      > by white space because it makes editing easier.

      I cannot help with those, sorry...

      >Can anyone tell me how to batch process files in Tidy HTML.

      No, but my DirStuff has a Clip that I think works <g> that will
      do a whole directory of HTML files using Tidy. If you have tons
      of files, you might think about making a folder to do smaller
      amounts at a time for resource issues. Definitely work with a
      copy of the directory. I would not attempt it without good
      backups!!! Look about halfway down in DirStuff under Website

      I have a number of Clips that work with directories in my
      DirStuff. You'll find some that you can modify to do what you
      want. Look for ones that use ^$GetFiles instead of the ones with
      the older method using ^$GetFileFirst/^$GetFileNext although those
      still have good use for some purposes. Try right clicking over the
      Library combobox and choose "Open as Document" and then do a Find
      for ^$GetFiles. They'll use ^!SetArray.

      NoteTabbers Assistant Library Page
      Direct download for DirStuff

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