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Re: [NH] indent

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  • loro
    ... You are welcome, but I m afraid I m not very good at explaining. It s not easy for us foreigners, you know. :-p I think part of the confusion with em and %
    Message 1 of 19 , Feb 24, 2005
      Ed Brown wrote:
      >Thanks for the information. It is back to the drawing board and perhaps
      >I wii get it all straightened out.

      You are welcome, but I'm afraid I'm not very good at explaining. It's not
      easy for us foreigners, you know. :-p

      I think part of the confusion with em and % comes from the fact that it's
      hard to let go of the HTML way of doing things. It's easily done to specify
      a font-size for everything just out of habit, because with HTML we had to
      (if we did it at all).

      With CSS it's often enough to use font-size for a few key elements --
      thanks to inheritance. :-) When pixels are used the result is the same even
      if we overdo it. With em and % it can bite back.

      Don't give up on them. Try to find out where to use them instead. The
      easiest and most effective approach is IMO to primarily set the text-size
      for larger containers (or leave it at the browser's default). Then let
      inheritance work and just make small changes when needed. The beauty is
      that these small changes always are related to surrounding text. A little
      bigger? 1.1 or 1.15 em takes care of that. No need for exact measurements.
      Same with headings. Make h3 say 1.2 em and all level 3 headings are1.2
      times as big as the surrounding text, whatever size that text has. Makes
      sense to me.

      BTW percent doesn't suffer from the IE bugs that affect em, so if you want
      to keep it simple and hack-free percent is a good choice.

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