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Re: [NH] [Fwd: [datelinelondon] FYI for folks using Yahoo Groups]

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  • alice ttlg
    ... This is *not* something new or updated. Yahoo has been using web beacons for at least three years (and eGroups did tracking as well before selling out to
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 18, 2004
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      On Sat, 18 Dec 2004 21:20:47 -0600, Ed Brown <ebrown1927@...> wrote:
      > Just an FYI for all of you using any Yahoo groups:
      > For your information ...
      > Yahoo is now using something called "Web Beacons" to track Yahoo Group
      > users around the net and see what you're doing and where you are going -
      > similar to cookies. Yahoo is recording every website and every group you
      > visit. Take a look at their updated privacy statement:

      This is *not* something new or updated. Yahoo has been using web
      beacons for at least three years (and eGroups did tracking as well
      before selling out to Yahoo). But every so often someone who never
      knew about it finds out and then does a chicken little forwarding it
      to everyone they know. :) I see virtually the exact same thing with
      the same text posted about three or four times a year.

      Yahoo deserves a pat on the back for being open about their web
      beacons *and* for allowing people to opt out as well. Remember that
      virtually every site you visit, especially those for companies or
      commercial sites selling something will track your every move. Any
      site with advertising on it is also tracking your every move. This
      has been going on since cookies were invented.

      Amazon knows not just every book you've bought but also every book,
      kitchen gadget, lawn furniture, etc that you've even just looked at
      for two seconds. Ditto for any commercial site, it's how they do
      those "you might be interested in..." things. It's how they figure
      out what's popular and what sells and what doesn't and they tailor any
      changes in their products to that. Yahoo's no different, they want to
      know where you go and what you look at so they can tailor their
      products - the parts of their website - and get you looking at more
      ads and buying their premium services.

      For me, I'm not concerned about Yahoo or Amazon or eBay or whoever
      tracking me, I'm far more concerned about malicious websites
      attempting to install trojans and keystroke loggers on my computer (or
      anyone else's). I think it's much more important to use safe secure
      browsers, like Mozilla, Firefox, Opera and others and use safe secure
      email programs, like Mozilla's mail client or Thunderbird (also from
      Mozilla, standalone) or Opera's mail client or others. I'm much
      concerned about everyone having up to date antivirus programs on their
      computers, having firewall software installed and hardware firewall as
      well if possible.

      I'm much more concerned that even after Microsoft's much touted SP2
      security fix for XP, it still only takes about an hour for a Win XP
      SP2 computer to get hacked and then controlled and owned by spammers
      and those hacked home computers account for around 60-70% of the
      90,000 spams sent to my server every single day while legitimate mail
      is only around 10,000 per day or less.

      JMHO of course, YMMV. :) And believe me, I'm no Yahoo booster,
      generally I think Yahoo has done terrible things to groups and I'm
      gradually moving groups I own to GoogleGroups instead. But the web
      beacons is nothing unusual and Yahoo does a decent job with informing
      users and allowing the opt out so I give (grudging ;)) praise where
      praise is due.

      alice ttlg

      Me, Blog/LJ, Links, Whatever:

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