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  • Josh - CK
    I personaly use Firefox. It s just better IMHO. On Mon, 18 Oct 2004 12:13:06 -0300, Marcelo de Castro Bastos ... -- Josh Simmons - CK
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 18, 2004
      I personaly use Firefox. It's just better IMHO.

      On Mon, 18 Oct 2004 12:13:06 -0300, Marcelo de Castro Bastos
      <mcblista@...> wrote:
      > On 18/10/2004 02:13, Sam Ndou invited the wrath of the gods by saying:
      > >
      > > I am new in the field just startered I would like to know which
      > > browser Can I use (netscape.....)which is compatible with windows xp to
      > > windows 95/8.
      > >
      > >
      > > Where can I download a free browser .
      > OK, let's take it a point at a time.
      > To begin with, most Windows versions since Win95 (except the very first
      > version of Win95) come with a copy of Internet Explorer. All of them
      > can have a more recent version installed for free, by visiting Windows
      > Update or the page http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/default.mspx ,
      > with the following comments:
      > 1- Win95, Win98 "first edition" and (I think) Windows NT 4 can only be
      > upgraded to Internet Explorer 5.5, which is already a four years old
      > browser, and has a number of well-known rendering bugs;
      > 2- The latest version of Internet Explorer for Windows XP (IE 6.0 sp2)
      > is only available as part of the Windows XP Service Pack 2, and not
      > available at all to other versions of Windows.
      > 3- All of them have some updates to be downloaded after the installation
      > (mostly related to plugging part of the security holes in IE), usually
      > from Windows Update.
      > 4- EVEN the latest IE (the one in WinXP S2) has known rendering bugs,
      > some of them pretty important. Microsoft manifested no intention of
      > fixing them in the foreseeable future. And all of them have known
      > security bugs, and new ones are frequently.
      > So, no, I don't like IE very much, although I use it now and then when I
      > have to visit a site which was badly designed and tested only on IE.
      > Even so, I only do that if I'm reasonably sure of the honesty and
      > trustworthyness of the company which owns the site.
      > Alternative browsers, then. Let's take them one at a time:
      > 1- Old-style Netscape (version 4.x and lower): You can still find it
      > around, but it's very buggy and hopelessly obsolete by now, and almost
      > nobody still uses it. Only install it if you NEED to test your design
      > in this environment.
      > 2- New-style Netscape (version 7.2): Based on Mozilla Suite 1.7. Unless
      > you are an AOL subscriber, I don't see much point to this: it's
      > basically a Mozilla with a lot of AOL-specific crap added to it. And
      > they only update it about once a year, while Mozilla is updated about
      > quarterly.
      > 3- Mozilla Application Suite: ( http://www.mozilla.org ) The latest
      > "release" version is 1.7.3, and there's a beta version of 1.8 in use
      > too. That's what I use at present, although I'm considering migrating to
      > the new stand-alone applications (Firefox/Thunderbird/nView/Sunbird)
      > sometime in the future. It's a complete suite (browser+e-mail+HTML
      > composer+IRC chat), but many people feel it's too big and bloated. If
      > you are going to use it in older hardware and/or need only the browser,
      > look at Firefox.
      > 4- Mozilla Firefox: Also from the Mozilla site. The new kid on the
      > block. A reengineered stand-alone browser product. It's NOT "just
      > Mozilla with the other stuff cut out;" it actually uses a more
      > advanced (and easier) user interface than the Mozilla Suite. The guts
      > (rendering engine) are the same as the Mozilla Suite, so pages should
      > render identically in both. The latest version is the 1.0 "preview
      > release," which is fancy talk to say "We're almost there, give us a
      > couple more weeks." The 1.0 Final version should be released about
      > one week after the U.S. elections.
      > 5- Opera ( http://www.opera.com ): another fine, lightweight browser,
      > which for years have been considered one of the best around, despite its
      > small presence in the market. This one is not exactly free: you can
      > use it for free in an "ad-sponsered" mode (with a small banner ad
      > appearing on the window) or buy it and get rid of the ads.
      > All of these should run in anything from Win95 to WinXP (and probably
      > even in the Longhorn betas), although in older computers I recommend
      > only Firefox and Opera.
      > --
      > Marcelo de Castro Bastos
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      Josh Simmons - CK
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