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Re: XP SP2 NoteTab Related Information, Bugs, Etc. (Was Re: [NH] HTML Reference Library)

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  • Jody
    Hi Larry, Bug 3. I don t know if the bug was pre-XPSP2, but in Std/Light if you find ^p and replace with a space, the line is not deleted, only a space is
    Message 1 of 9 , Oct 15, 2004
      Hi Larry,

      Bug 3. I don't know if the bug was pre-XPSP2, but in Std/Light if you
      find ^p and replace with a space, the line is not deleted, only a
      space is added.
      Fix: none presently known.

      > My HTML Reference Library broke sometime between SP1 and SP2.
      > Installing the Visual Basic Runtime version 5 fixed it, and I
      > suspect would have fixed it pre-SP2.

      I suspect that you had a registry problem and reinstalling the
      Library cleaned/cleared it up.

      >I also have not had any trouble with CSE Validator Lite. I just
      >tried it and it works solo or by being called by NoteTab. I even
      >upgraded to the latest version of Lite and it still works.

      My guess it is only the Pro or Std version and then maybe
      isolated machines, but usually, if I have the problem it is a lot
      more widespread than isolated (when speaking of a problem with

      >What I have noticed it that SP1 slowed down my system and then
      >SP2 slowed it down a little more. I think it is time to find the
      >time to wipe the drive and do a fresh install. My Linux dual-boot
      >partition does not have any of these issues. I guess you get what
      >you pay for. Linux is free so no blue screens or lock ups or slow
      >downs! I paid for Windows so I get all the joys of Windows re-
      >boots, slow downs and lock-ups. Granted XP is better than the
      >prior versions but it does not have to be as slow as it is, Linux
      >and other OSes prove that a desktop OS does not have to be that
      >way. My Linux partition takes about as long to boot as Windows
      >(it's an older version of RedHat), but once it is up it is
      >noticeably faster.

      I did not notice any startup slowness or speeding up, but my
      programs seem to open faster. I've been real happy with XP from
      the day I got it! I came from Win98SE, so right there it ought to
      tell you a lot. ;)

      >Larry Hamilton
      >My Webpage
      >Jody wrote:
      >> Hi Larry,
      >>>I do not know why I had it working and then it stopped, but it
      >>>did. I have WinXP Home SP2, which one would think would have all
      >>>that was needed to make the HTML Reference Library work, but hey
      >>>its Microsoft! ;-)
      >> XP SP2 has done some minor bugs here and there. I know of a
      >> couple that would be of interest to some of you on this list.

      Happy html'n!

      www.notetab.net www.clean-funnies.com
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