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Re: [NH] FW: [NTO] XP SP2

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  • sisterscape
    There has been much discussion of the headaches people have had updating to SP2 at SitePoint in this thread
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 7, 2004
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      There has been much discussion of the headaches people have had
      updating to SP2 at SitePoint in this thread
      http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=188301 I haven't
      followed it that closely since I'm not running XP but you might want to
      check it out.

      --- Dart Chris <c.dart@...> wrote:

      > ntb- OffTopic list is refusing me. If this gets through on the html
      > list
      > could I kindly request the moderator to put it on the right list and
      > maybe
      > work out why it is blocked - thanks
      > _____
      > From: Dart Chris
      > Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 10:06 AM
      > To: 'ntb-OffTopic@yahoogroups.com'
      > Subject: RE: [NTO] XP SP2
      > Re Firewalls and SP2
      > I had McFee firewall running at home when I loaded SP2. SP2
      > identified McFee
      > firewall and accepted it, at the end of the setup I was presented
      > with McFee
      > firewall as the default and all its settings intact. Windows firewall
      > was
      > offered but my McFee firewall was set as default.
      > I don't think you can default Microsoft for that !
      > McFee Antivirus had a bit of a headache after loading SP2 - It had to
      > be
      > manually started after starting the PC and the controls to handle
      > this were
      > confused, showing it was OFF when it was ON etc. (I ran a virus check
      > then
      > and again later but nothing found and no further problems) - I
      > reloaded
      > McFee Antivirus and all was OK.
      > I mentioned before that Nero had a severe problem and there were
      > conflicting
      > messages from Nero and Microsoft; each saying get the solution from
      > the
      > other. I easily found a patch from Nero that solved the problem
      > completely.
      > So far nothing else has shown problems: Illustrator, Dreamweaver,
      > Fireworks,
      > WSftp_Pro, Pinnacle 9 Video, etc all OK . . . so far!
      > Chris
      > _____
      > From: Robert Romberger [mailto:jestar@...]
      > Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 7:05 AM
      > To: ntb-OffTopic@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: Re: [NTO] XP SP2
      > On 2 Sep 2004 at 3:26, Christine wrote:
      > > Any opinions on SP2? I've seen the (growing) list of apps that SP2
      > causes
      > > to freeze and it ain't looking good. My auto installer is nagging
      > me to
      > just
      > > cliiiiiiick the button. Come on. Just installlll and everything'll
      > be
      > > alllll right.
      > > Any feedback on your part yet?
      > A little late on my part, but here you go. Make sure you have a
      > good
      > restore point ready in case something goes wrong with the install of
      > SP2.
      > On my wife's computer (basically the same hardware as mine), the SP2
      > install went okay - no problems with the install or her apps. My
      > computer
      > on the other hand, didn't make it past the updated installer/checker
      > software. On reboot I ended up with a black screen of death -
      > complete
      > freeze. I had to roll back to a restore point from the previous day
      > to get
      > back to doing work. I haven't bothered trying to figure out what went
      > wrong
      > since I got back running. It is probably a driver incompatibility,
      > but I
      > don't know which one yet.
      > What I do suggest is to turn off the automatic updates (even
      > before
      > SP2),
      > but keep a weekly schedule of checking for them. The why is
      > illustrated in
      > my attempt with SP2 above - if something breaks, I want to be the one
      > looking at it when it happens. I've also seen where the updated SP2
      > ICF
      > (Microsoft's firewall) breaks the MS Office update option. It doesn't
      > complain about the MS Office update trying to connect, it just
      > prevents
      > anything from coming down. I much prefer my own firewall that I've
      > had long
      > before MS came out with theirs - Sygate Person Firewall. It works
      > well and
      > has lots of configuration options (so it might not be as easy to set
      > up as
      > others) to fine tune what can and can't reach the web. Lastly, the
      > new SP2
      > "Security Center" service is just a pain - I turned it off finally by
      > going
      > into the Services snap-in and setting it to disable. For some reason
      > with
      > it running, it will try to turn back on the ICF and auto updates
      > which I
      > had specifically set to off, which can lead to unexplained reboots.
      > Oh, and make sure you have plenty of spare time to run the update to
      > SP2.
      > It is a 78+ MB package, so I highly recommend a DSL/Cable connection
      > or
      > better if you want to download it. Otherwise, order the CD.
      > --
      > Robert
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