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Re: [NH] different platforms, was: Re: Italics

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  • Rudolf Horbas
    ... But that s just the hack I want to avoid. For a scienticic magazine, IMO, it s important to use logical attributes such as headings. ... Thanks; _very_
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 26, 2000
      >"Ian Ornstein" <iano@...> wrote:

      >>Rudolf Horbas wrote:
      > ><h2> and some text were so tiny You
      > > couldn't read them!
      > It seems to me that, in this case, it would be wise not to use
      > the <H2> at all. Instead use a <DIV> with a class that defines
      > the style that is appropriate to your page.
      > After all, isn't the H2 etc just a shortcut to a implied style
      > defined with in the browser?

      But that's just the hack I want to avoid. For a scienticic magazine,
      IMO, it's important to use logical attributes such as headings.

      >Grant" <emerge@...> wrote:

      > Try this link for stuff on web font inconsistences.
      > http://style.verso.com/font_size_intervals/altintervals.html

      Thanks; _very_ interesting article! (although I'm only through with
      the problem section. Can't wait to get to "Solutions!). I

      > Apparently the latest ie5.5 for mac corrects this font difference

      That's a good start; but my clients use NS only :-((

      > >Is there a slicker solution for this? I've seen 2 different
      > >stylesheets being used for every platform, but how do I integrate
      > >them? JavaScript?
      > I don't recomend this as ideally you could use a single stylesheet
      > avoiding using font-size points and using ems instead.
      > or trying the style recomendations in the above link.

      Good hint; I'll try that. I really used a couple absolute (pt) values,
      but even %-values were no good.

      > You don't need to rewrite a completly diff ss for mac
      > Place in head after your other stylesheet links.
      > It will then be at the top of the cascade and override
      > other styles lower in the cascade
      > */
      > <script type="text/javascript">
      > var agt=navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
      > if(agt.indexOf("mac")!=-1)
      > {
      > document.write('<link rel=stylesheet type=text/css
      > }
      > </script>

      Hey, that's exactly what I was looking for! If I get this right, this
      checks the "user agent" (=Browser and OS) and then points to the
      suitable stylesheet. (?)
      Thank You!
      And to get back to the topic of the list: I've made it a clip in my
      all-time favourite library.

      "melchior prisi" <mprisi@...> wrote:

      > Maybe you will find advice for that mac-problem at
      > the CSS Pointers Group:
      > http://www.css.nu/index.html

      I'll check that ASAP, thank You.

      And Melchior, www.alphazwirbel.net is amazing. Congratulations!
      That <pre>-trick in combination with css is completely new to me. Your
      idea? I love it.

      Oh yes, the first link (named "tip", I think, with a different domain
      address (www.alcheo.net or so) on the first page isn't working for me

      Cheers to You all,

      Rudolf Horbas
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