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different platforms, was: Re: Italics

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  • Rudolf Horbas
    ... Just to make clear what You re saying: IE *now* shows things more correctly than NS. It s bitter, but I agree... And I hope the Mac community will soon get
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2000
      Melchior wrote:
      > Btw. the coming Netscape 6 will show things more correctly,
      > so there will be less differences between the two -
      > let's hope...

      Just to make clear what You're saying: IE *now* shows things more
      correctly than NS.

      It's bitter, but I agree... And I hope the Mac community will soon get
      their "bugfix, too...

      I just finished a couple simple pages for the online edition of a
      medical magazine, and they were so _easy_ to write, simple and
      beautiful HTML, good css formatting; hardly any tables and ugly stuff!
      They looked really cool in IE, on big and small screen; when I checked
      them in NS, I had to fumble around just a bit.
      Then I was warned that the magazine guys who'd check my work all had
      Macs, and I double-checked the pages on a friend's Mac. I'm glad I did
      it, but I almost went nuts! <h2> and some text were so tiny You
      couldn't read them! I had heard of the problem of smaller font sizes
      on Macs and had deliberately chosen not-so small sizes, but no use; I
      had to increase the font sizes in the style sheet so much that the
      types looked less cool on the PC-platform (which is the platform most
      of the magazine's readers will use).

      Is there a slicker solution for this? I've seen 2 different
      stylesheets being used for every platform, but how do I integrate
      them? JavaScript?

      I suddenly feel so stupid and unable***; 2 days ago I was a cool
      HTML-author who wrote source code and loathed WYSIWYG-whimps, but Mac
      put me back in my place...

      (***I usually get this feeling when I'm at the verge of learning
      something new...)


      Rudolf Horbas
      narrative essays: http://www.crosswinds.net/munich/~horbas/texts.htm
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