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Re: Win32 API, TClipbookList... Errors (was Re: [NH] Whew...NoteTab saved me hours...)

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  • gilamo
    Thank you for your helpful e-mail!!! I went into the ini file and took out a bunch of files that I don t work on much. I have this lazy habit of leaving them
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 12, 2004
      Thank you for your helpful e-mail!!! I went into the ini file and
      took out a bunch of files that I don't work on much. I have this lazy
      habit of leaving them open "for later". That did the trick! Now I will
      close them when I am done!! :::smiles:::
      Thanks bunches!!!

      Kerry Anderson, New Mexico
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      From: "Jody" <kjv-av1611@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, January 11, 2004 3:39 PM
      Subject: Win32 API, TClipbookList... Errors (was Re: [NH] Whew...NoteTab
      saved me hours...)

      > Hi Kerry,
      > From NoteTab's PasteBack feature:
      > Those errors are usually due to low resources. Sometimes they
      > may be caused by certain file(s). It/they may open fine a few at
      > a time, but when trying to load them all on startup is a
      > different matter. If you get error messages like Win32 API,
      > TClipbookList, NoteTab freezes, or seems to freeze up (which
      > might be loading many MB) sometimes it can happen on startup
      > because you had too many large documents to reload from when you
      > last had NoteTab open. (Sometimes a reboot takes care of it if
      > you have not done that yet, or closing other programs that may
      > open when you start up Windows.)
      > You may need to remove the files from NoteTab Pro's ini file;
      > NotePro.ini found in its main folder. Try opening an editor that
      > will read text documents like Notepad or Wordpad and open
      > NotePro.ini found in its main folder. Scroll down till you get
      > to the [Autoload] section and remove all the paths to the files
      > to reload on startup. You might want to try it from a fresh
      > Windows boot up as well. You can copy the file paths/names so
      > that you can open the same files again easier when you get
      > NoteTab running.
      > You may edit the INI file inside NoteTab. Simply save the file
      > with an exclamation mark (!NotePro.ini or !NoteTab.ini; Pro or
      > Std/Light respectively) in front of it and restart NoteTab.
      > Some programs have memory leaks in them as well as some Windows
      > versions like WinME. Some programs do not release all the memory
      > they were using while open. That can add up to not having enough
      > memory for programs to start causing all kinds of errors.
      > Windows has basically three types of memories: RAM, Virtual
      > Memory (your hard disk), and a small section of RAM used for
      > storing Windows object handles. When Windows runs out of system
      > resources, it may have plenty of RAM left, but it runs out of
      > space for storing handles. This is often when funny things start
      > happening like the tab bar displaying blank tabs, or the Toolbar
      > showing no icons.
      > Only libraries open in the Clipbook window will occupy RAM. The
      > more items, and the larger the Clips, the more RAM it uses up.
      > Running Clips that create variables will take another chunk from
      > RAM. Closing the Clipbook window will free several handles which
      > occupy the third type of memory.
      > Some things in NoteTab can cause extra memory to be used are:
      > Large amounts of Favorites and long lists slow down the loading
      > of NoteTab and use up a fair amount of RAM.
      > A large Undo limit size. What is considered large is largely
      > dependant on how many documents you open. Should rarely be a
      > problem if you open less than 50 documents at a time.
      > >I get an "EWin32 error" message when I try to open Note Tab Pro.
      > >Do I need to re-install it?
      > Happy html'n!
      > Jody
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