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Re: [NH] Beginner Needs Help

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  • Jody
    Hi John, We really need to go private eMail or to the Off Topic list list this. Have a great weekend everybody! ntb-offtopic-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 10, 2003
      Hi John,

      We really need to go private eMail or to the Off Topic list list this.

      Have a great weekend everybody!


      > I remember Fidonet. :) Actually, I came in at the tail end of
      > BBS days a few years before I found out what ISP meant. <g>

      >You mean you know? I'm still trying to figure that one out.

      ISP = Internet Service Provider: earthlink.net, mindspring.com,
      att.com, and a host of others. I don't know what you would call
      AOL. LOL :-)

      >Okay, Mr. "know more than me", for $500, what is the origin of
      >the term "BYTE"?

      Actually, it came to be in 1956, a year + after I was born.
      Werner Buchholz, a brilliant geek, who invented Fidonet (named
      after his dog) also coined the term "byte." It actually came
      from "bite" extended from "bit." Now, so it is told, that Fido
      "bit" a man one day and when Werner got home he asked Fido, "Did
      you actually bite a man today?" Of course Fido claimed innocence.

      Anyway, that night Buchholz was geek'n away on inventing what is
      now known as the "byte" and wondering what to call it. So, once
      again, with Fido in mind, he named the 8 bit word (or 2 nibbles,
      or 4 crumbs if you wish), a "byte" offsetting it from "bite." To
      this very day we still do not know if Fido took a nibble or a
      bite out of the man, or even met the man at all.

      Now, for $25,000.00 is that true or false (remember the game show?) :)


      >Oops! I keep forgetting to ask. I purchased Notetab Pro a couple of weeks
      >ago. I'm planning to reformat my hard drive, once I get the web site
      >running. Is there a way for me to DL another registered Notetab Pro file?

      Yes, write me at: jody@... or support@... It is
      best to just burn a CD if you have the hardware. You can always
      buy a CD from me for $10.00. Here's the blah, blah, blah from
      NoteTab's PasteBack feature. (I can do PayPal or snail mail
      orders if it is just for the CD. Otherwise, see my affiliate
      links below.)

      The CD-ROMs for our products that have lots of extras on them
      including: very useful freeware and shareware, extra HTML help for
      beginners, an excellent Clip writing tutorial, and other short
      tutorials... You can get more than one registered program on the
      same CD at no extra charge, even if you already registered the
      products; see "cd-info.htm" and "onthiscd.htm" below for details
      and the contents of the CDs. (http://www.fookes.us)

      The NoteTabbers Assistant Page (http://www.notetab.net) is one of
      my personal web sites loaded with free useful Libraries and Clips.
      It is well worth the visit in my opinion!-)

      Ordering Information: Price, CD build type...
      Programs, Utilities, Helps, Clip Tutorial...
      Third Party Products: Freeware and Shareware...
      Order Fookes Software through me (even on CD)...
      http://www.notetab.net/order, http://www.fookes.us

      Happy Topics,

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