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Re: Multiple Browser CSS

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  • John Zeman
    I have to confess that I haven t studied any of the many responses to this long thread (it s late, I m pooped, I m old, I m horny, I m tired, take yer pick of
    Message 1 of 6 , May 22, 2003
      I have to confess that I haven't studied any of the many responses to this long thread (it's late, I'm pooped, I'm old, I'm horny, I'm tired, take yer pick of excuses) but going by Larry's original question here, I have to say what solved most of my margin/padding/cross browser web page problems, was to initially set ALL block element margin and padding values to zero in my stylesheet. Then I'll customize the margins/paddings on each page by calling a class to suit my needs for that page..


      --- In ntb-html@yahoogroups.com, "Larry Hamilton" <lmh@h...> wrote:
      > I am working on an update to the layout of our pages using pure stylesheets
      > instead of tables.
      > I have come up with something based on a sample from an online article. It
      > was based on IE, so it looks great in IE. I am using IE 6 SP1.
      > The problem is that in Mozilla 3.1, Opera 6, and Opera 3.62 the body is next
      > to the left margin of the navigation bar on the left of the page. It is
      > legible, but not pleasing. Nothing I try can make any whitespace appear
      > between the border and the first letter of each line.
      > Here are some things I have tried adding to the in-line stylesheet. Each one
      > has an effect on IE, which would be acceptable, if it affected the other
      > browsers.
      > border-left:2px solid #000000;
      > padding-left: 1ex;
      > text-indent: 3em;
      > margin-left: 2em;
      > I do not currently have Netscape installed. I think Netscape 7 will be about
      > like Mozilla. I do not have any idea if Netscape 4.x will like it or not.
      > I believe this is CSS2, so I know not all browsers will handle it. I found a
      > link at work today that lays out what CSS tags for which version of CSS are
      > supported in what browser, but I forgot to email myself the link.
      > Here is the link to the page for the new index.
      > http://http://www.hamiltongensociety.org/index_css_test.htm
      > I think it is much cleaner than the current home page, and since there are
      > no tables, it is much easier to modify. It is amazing how much time it can
      > take for one page!
      > The home link on the test page will take you to the current home page.
      > I have looked at this far too long, so it is either something realy simple,
      > or just an issue of not being supported.
      > I realise that for browsers that do not support tables or CSS I will need a
      > browser sniffer to direct to the appropriate substitue page. I am just
      > trying to get this right before I go too far.
      > TIA!
      > Larry Hamilton
      > lmh@h...
      > My Web Site: http://notlimah.tripod.com/
      > Webmaster: Hamilton National Genealogical Society, Inc.
      > http://www.hamiltongensociety.org/
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