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Re: [NH] stylesheet

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  • loro
    ... I like NN3 personally and sometimes use it. I m just concerned about you welfare. Navigator 4 s CSS support is so broken that it s the absolutely worst
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 27, 2003
      Neil wrote:
      >I love it Lotta - the comment, that is. The old dog (NS) keeps me on my
      >toes and, surprise, surprise, I find it handles some html much nicer
      >STILL than later IE browsers. When I shout myself a new machine I'll do
      >the whole thing... Some day soon.

      I like NN3 personally and sometimes use it. I'm just concerned about you
      welfare. Navigator 4's CSS support is so broken that it's the absolutely
      worst choice when learning CSS. It's old. About the time it was born
      Netscape had their own style language called JavaScript Style Sheets (JSSS)
      that they proposed as a standard. It was rejected and CSS was accepted.
      They didn't have the time or didn't bother to build a CSS engine before
      they released the browser so they just mapped CSS to their already existing
      JSSS. That's why CSS disappears when you turn JavaScript off.

      > I changed the link from this new page to <link
      > rel="stylesheet" href="auckland/auckland.css"> and
      > it works except for the background images in the
      > following css coding. The image path is now
      > wrong?.bg4 {background: #ffff66
      > url(images/bg4.jpg);} Can I use the same sheet for
      > different directories with image paths like this?
      > Hope this is understandable.

      It is. It's one of Netscape 4's infamous CSS bugs. It interprets relative
      URLs in style sheets as relative to the HTML file, not as relative the CSS
      file as it's supposed to be.

      Either place both the CSS and HTML files in the same directory or use root
      relative URLs. Another solution is to simply place a copy of the image
      where Netscape looks for it. But don't forget to also have one where other
      browsers look for it!

      See what I mean now? This is just the top of an iceberg of CSS bugs. There
      are small, CSS capable browsers if you want to save disk space but you
      really need something better if you want other people to be able to see
      those pages too. ;-)

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