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Re: [NH] Netscape 6.1 Upgrade?

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  • Scott Fordin
    5 and 6.0 were dogs, but 6.1 and later were much, much better. As noted by others, Netscape 7 is out now, and it s quite good. (It s what I m using to write
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 6, 2002
      5 and 6.0 were dogs, but 6.1 and later were much,
      much better. As noted by others, Netscape 7 is out
      now, and it's quite good. (It's what I'm using to
      write this message.)

      You do have a choice about what bits you want to
      install, so I'm not sure what hsavage was referring
      to when he said you didn't have a choice. It can be
      a big installation if you install everything. I have
      DSL, so the installation of the full package -- all
      the stuff -- went pretty quickly. The download took
      under ten minutes. I've installed NS7 on at least
      five machines, and in all cases the installation was
      pretty painless, and that was downloading everything
      anew each time. It hsould be noted, however, that
      there appear to be times when their download servers
      hang; maybe that's the cause of the slow times he
      was talking about. I've tried many incarnations of
      Mozilla -- basically every version for the past year
      -- and I don't think it's as stable as Netscape.

      All this said, my primary browser is still Opera.


      hsavage wrote:
      > > Wayland Fowler wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi group,
      > >
      > > A while back I remember a lot of discussion about Netscape upgrades,
      > > seems like no one liked version 5. How about version 6.1, is it worthy
      > > of an upgrade?
      > >
      > > Wayland
      > Wayland,
      > Haven't spent too much time on Netscape lately. I did download and
      > install NS7 and it lasted about half a day. Didn't really like it, and
      > there is too much overhead, that is, files you must install. The full
      > version, if I recall correctly was over 20 odd megabytes, the full
      > install of Mozilla is under 12 megabytes. AIM for example, I don't use
      > it but it gets installed anyway, no choice. I should be more clear, I
      > removed it the same day it was installed.
      > I guess I've been spoiled by the Mozilla betas. I've been using them
      > for several months and if they ever get to a final release to sell I'll
      > probably buy it. If you install the jazzed up tabbed interface I think
      > you'll like it also.
      > hrs
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