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Re: [NH] Playsound in PROXOMITRON was(Re: [NTB] Sound on a web site)

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  • Ron Woodall
    Hi Alec: Go to the Compendium s Coding Notes, scroll down a bit and you ll find a section on Sound. You ll find all of the appropriate mechanics there.
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 6, 2002
      Hi Alec:

      Go to the Compendium's Coding Notes, scroll down a bit and you'll
      find a section on "Sound." You'll find all of the appropriate mechanics
      there. (www.htmlcompendium.org)

      Ron Woodall

      At 05:28 PM 11/5/02 -0500, you wrote:
      >Greg (if you are over here;-) or anyone else:
      >I agree with your /diatribe/ on websites that insist on playing music
      >while loading. It sounds cute (sometimes) the first time and then
      >becomes a major PITA.
      >On the actual mechanics of doing it - I've started playing around with
      >PROXOMITRON and while experimenting with it want do be able to play a
      >short WAV file (for example when it kills a popup). I think I can (or
      >soon will be able to) handle the mechanics of getting a "chunk" of HTML
      >in the right place but if (forinstance) I want to have a page I create
      >or alter on the fly play:
      >"C:\WINNT\Media\Utopia Exclamation.WAV"
      >from wthin a web page, what code can I put within the HTML file to make
      >this happen when it is displayed in a browser?
      >Regards ... Alec
      >Greg Chapman wrote (Tue, 05-Nov-2002 08:07 [GMT-0500]):
      > > Hi Chris,
      > >
      > >> I want to put a signature tune on the opening page of a web site. I
      > >> have discovered that some computers have difficulties if I just get
      > >> it to do it at onload.
      > >
      > > I plead that you forget this idea! <snip>
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      Ron Woodall

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