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Re: [NH] Pop-ups Good, Bad and Ugly

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  • Ville Saalo
    ... Hello, I just joined this list but I ve been lurking on the Clips -list for a while... I just feel I could share some info now... This is also a test if my
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 26, 2002
      >At 09:39 2002.09.26, Mike wrote:
      >>My questions for you: do the tabbed browsers open "target=blank"s in a new
      >>window ??
      >>How do they handle javascript, php,etc.? Do the tabbed browsers open every
      >>page on a single site in a new window?

      Hello, I just joined this list but I've been lurking on the Clips -list for a while... I just
      feel I could share some info now... This is also a test if my subscription worked
      because that didn't happen at once when I joined the clips-list.

      If you, by "tabbed browsers", mean browsers like Opera that keep all the pages in one
      application window then yes, they open a new child window inside the app.
      The "tabbing" is done with a windows taskbar like thingie inside the browser, so they're
      not actual tabs as other programs know them but anyway. The child windows in the
      parent app window can freely be resized and maximized/minimized. Really simple.
      And no, they don't open every page on a single site in a new window unless you want to. ;)
      Plus I haven't had any problems with PHP/JS/stuff. Some sites look a bit twisted
      because they're made for IE and therefore do not follow all standards but you can only
      blame Micro$oft for this.

      I haven't used Opera 6 for a very long time yet but thisfar I've been really pleased with it.
      Especially handy is the mouse gestures -feature, with which you can, for instance, move back
      and forth in history or open a new window just by right-clicking, holding and dragging to
      left, right or down. You'd be amazed how you miss those features in other browsers after
      you have got familiar with them, which takes hardly any time. http://www.Opera.com/ , me thinks.

      With Opera and before that with IE6 I'm using an excellent filter program called Proxomitron.
      It's much more than just a pop-up/add -blocker. You can do your own custom filters to modify
      the source codes of the pages before your browser loads 'em up. It's got quite a bunch of filters
      ready to use when you install it, like killing background musics (hurray!) and faking browsers's
      identity (Opera, btw, can do this itself, as well as the pop-up blocking). It might feel a bit
      at first but when you get to know it it's a very powerful program. http://proxomitron.cjb.net/ or
      Google it.

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