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Re: [NH] Downloading Files

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  • Jody
    Hi Mike and Others, Here s my two cents, but maybe only worth a cent. ;-} A long time ago I would rename the file from say image.gif to image.zip explaining in
    Message 1 of 16 , Aug 24, 2002
      Hi Mike and Others,

      Here's my two cents, but maybe only worth a cent. ;-}

      A long time ago I would rename the file from say image.gif to
      image.zip explaining in a few words to rename the file after
      downloading. I had about 3 months Internet experience at the
      time not knowing we could right click and of course have since
      ceased using it.

      Bravo to you Fay! I'm certainly not trying to put you down Mike,
      but if we do things so that the user is prevented from learning
      new things, even basic stuff, then we are to blame for their
      ignorance. I understand you are trying to get away from adding a
      short note or answering/telling people to right click, but IMHO
      that helps keep them ignorant. Just by telling them to right
      click it normally opens up a whole new world for them.

      Of course there will still be those that do not read the short
      note, nor how to find the file once it is downloaded. I get
      quite a few posts saying that when they try to open NoteTab Light
      to use it by clicking on it on their desktop that Acrobat,
      Notepad, Media Player, etc. just shows it to be a bunch of
      garbage text. I then use NoteTab's PasteBack feature (which is
      almost always on for me to get the text I need returned to me as
      in FAQs) to get the text pasted in my eMail program telling them
      they need to decompress the file, blah, blah, blah. I answer
      them walking them through the whole procedure knowing that they
      do not know much since they are trying to open a ZIP file in
      whatever program. My point in telling all that is that no matter
      how many times we see all over the net to get WinZip or another
      compression utility, there are those that do not read what they
      need to do. Eventually they find out whether by me or
      somebody/someplace else. That is good; they learn their lesson
      that way and remember it.

      I try to do my part in removing the "eternal newbies" from the
      web, by not doing everything for them. Trying to get them to do
      things with the available features/tools helps us all out in that
      they can tell others, some of the bandwidth is spared Internet
      wide because of people downloading MB over and over because they
      thing the download must be bad, and other reasons.

      >Perhaps in a few words you could tell the user to right click.
      >People spend so much money on pcs and no-one tells them how to
      >use them. Then they appear amateur or foolish because of the
      >"intuitive" myth, and they get only a tiny %age of the use they
      >should get from their machines.

      Happy HTML'n!


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