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Re: unbreakable hyphen [NH]

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  • loro
    ... Yes, because it s legit (and has been all the dame damn them) to write .nobr { white-space: nowrap } blah blah Rigby-Smythe
    Message 1 of 21 , Aug 15 9:15 AM
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      At 15:42 2002.08.15, Ron Woodall wrote:
      > Is this actually correct? When you apply "white space" to in-line
      >elements, they inherit the spacing from the parent. Imposing spacing
      >changes on in-line elements may produce some very undesirable results.

      Yes, because it's legit (and has been all the dame damn' them) to write

      .nobr { white-space: nowrap }
      blah blah <span class="nobr">Rigby-Smythe</span> blah blah

      >I'd wait a bit longer before referencing 2.1. There are still some
      >gyrations to go through ( I think.)

      It's in the old errata. It has been permitted all the time. The browsers
      apply it to in-line content too there is no problem really.
      Section 16.6 here:

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