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Re: [NH] Sync Two Frame Panes

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  • Ron Woodall
    Hi All: ... Sorry about that. It was quite arrogant of me to assume that you all knew of the Compendium. It is a reference for the HyperText Markup Language
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      Hi All:

      At 10:40 AM 8/8/02 -0700, you wrote:
      >What is the Coding Notes of the Compendium?

      Sorry about that. It was quite arrogant of me to assume that you
      all knew of the Compendium. It is a reference for the HyperText Markup
      Language and is located at: www.htmlcompendium.org.

      It is a relatively complete reference for HTML. I've been adding
      pages by the hundreds of late and revision 11 will be much more up to date
      (due out in the fall.)

      The Compendium is divided into lists and notes. The lists,
      document all of the HTML tags, attributes and arguments as at that revision
      date. On the lists are links to Compatibility Charts (those Browser vendors
      that _document_ support for that element), Behaviour Reports (due to be
      reinstated with revision 12), graphic examples that link to html pages
      (where you can compare the exact same syntax on your browser and compare it
      to what I got,) and links to other pages or sites for more information. In
      addition, the lists link to notes that describe the use of specific
      elements that may be common across all of the html tags or more detail on a
      given subject. There are lists as well for pre-MathML math tags, CSS
      properties, values, methods and parameters and Server Side Includes
      properties and arguments.

      The Notes consist of 5 different types of notes: Reference Notes,
      Coding Notes, Detail Notes, Attribute Notes and Argument Notes. Coding
      Notes start with a functional listing of typography topics, add
      HyperText-specific elements and you wind up with listings of elements by
      function. Then, I implement most of these elements in working examples and
      supporting graphics. I also link to additional sources. The Reference Notes
      are those lists of boring stuff that you seldom need but when you do, you
      want it - yesterday;-) Detail Notes are essays on those topics that I feel
      comment should be made on. I'm not always right but I try to encourage

      There are little gems throughout the site. For example, should you
      need some sort of guide for colours, I ask that you take a look at the
      sections on colour blindness as well. This may encourage you to reexamine
      some of your design philosophies.

      All in all, I've tried to present a Web Site Publisher's reference
      with the kinds of stuff that such people need on a daily basis.

      Ron Woodall

      Ron Woodall

      The Compendium of HTML Elements
      "your essential web publishing resource"

      - available at/disponible à:
      http://au.htmlcompendium.org/index.htm (Australia)
      http://www.htmlcompendium.org/index.htm (Europe and North America)
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