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Re: [NH] Re: question about View in Browser command

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    Thanks John for jumping in .....................MM ... From: john041650 To: Sent: Thursday, February 28,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2002
      Thanks John for "jumping in".....................MM
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      Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2002 1:01 PM
      Subject: [NH] Re: question about View in Browser command

      > Hello Michael,
      > Since no one better qualified to answer this has jumped in yet, I'll give
      you my 2 cents worth..
      > When I want to preview the web page I'm working on in Netscape 4.0, which
      to NoteTab is my "other browser", the first time it fires up Netscape it
      goes to my Netscape home page just as your does.. However, if I go right
      back to NoteTab again and do TOOLS/OTHER BROWSER again, then Netscape jumps
      to the page I'm editing in NoteTab..
      > John :)
      > --- In ntb-html@y..., Michael Frascinella <mfrascinella@s...> wrote:
      > > Hi,
      > >
      > > I installed Netscape 6.2.1 yesterday and use it *and* IE to verify web
      > > pages I'm working on.
      > > When I tried using View in Browser (F8) to view the file I was editing,
      > > NoteTab opened Netscape but displayed my home page. I don't understand
      > >
      > > I checked the Options dialog and, on the Internet tab, set Netscape as
      > > the Main Browser. I also saw something on the HTML Files tab about
      > > Server Name and Path but couldn't get it set properly. (The online help
      > > was not quite clear enough to me to help figure out what I should enter;
      > > I'm displaying files on the C drive.)
      > >
      > > Yours,
      > > Michael F
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