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Happy Holidays and Out of Town

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  • Jody
    Hello Tabbers! I wish you all a most blessed Christmas (remembering the reason for the season for those that know :-) Also, be safe, and have a great New
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 2001
      Hello 'Tabbers!

      I wish you all a most blessed Christmas (remembering the reason
      for the season for those that know :-) Also, be safe, and have a
      great New Year! Thank you all very much for your contributions
      on the different lists and for following the list rules. It
      really is appreciated. I believe we had a very productive year
      on the lists and posting to the correct lists. (I know it is a
      pain following the various rules, but it is extremely helpful in
      the long run and keeps most of the members happy most of the time
      which is my goal.)

      I will be out of town starting this Monday morning the 24th and
      returning the following Sunday. Most likely, I will not be
      answering any mail. Eric will be redirecting all support mail
      for NoteTab, MailBag Assistant, and Album Express to himself
      while I am away. I expect a healthy batch of mail to answer when
      I return for support and private eMail.

      http://www.notetab.com http://www.notetab.ch

      I suggest you ask questions on the appropriate eMail list to get
      fast answers. It is not uncommon for Eric to get 100 posts or
      more in a day. Hopefully, support mail will be slow over the
      holidays so that he doesn't get another 100 a day tacked on to

      If you have an "emergency" such as needing a download for a
      registered version of our software, write to Support@....
      Please keep it short for best results. :-)

      BTW, we do not write Clips or teach HTML for registered users (or
      support our freeware), so it is best to ask those questions on
      the NoteTab, MailBag Assistant, and Album Express discussion lists.
      See below for the various lists.

      If you have problems with the lists such as unsubscribing please
      write Cindy, my "silent," but very helpful co-moderator at:

      mailto:gossie@... (Cindy <gossie@...>)

      Take Care!

      John 1:29; Acts 16:30-31; Rom. 3:23,4:5,5:8,
      6:23; 1Cor. 15:3-4, Eph. 2:8-9; 1 Tim. 1:15

      And my song shall ever be,
      praise the Lamb who died for me,
      and I'll sing it while ages shall roll.

      To Subscribe to or UnSubscribe from any of the following
      Mailing Lists send an empty post to the appropriate list(s)
      using the eMail address to the right of the list name:

      The NoteTab Basic List................. NoteTab-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      The NoteTab Clips List................. ntb-Clips-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      The NoteTab ClipsClass List............ ntb-ClipClass-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com
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