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[NH] Re: members' only area

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  • Marco Bernardini
    ... Remember also to add to your root directory the file robots.txt to disallow private directories: if you write the file secrets.html I guess you don t
    Message 1 of 12 , Nov 17, 1999
      >From: chrispye@...
      >Subject: [NH] members' only area
      >I want to create a 'members' only' page on my website

      >From: "Grey Cat" <greycat@...>
      >easier solution is to just give the name of the page to those who are
      >allowed on it. i.e. wanttoknow.com/secrets.html

      >From: Jody <KJB1611@...>
      >You need to go cgi or the like for good security.

      >From: Mark Pulver <mpulver@...>
      >You should bring it up to your site admin or tech support folks and have
      >them configure the server to not allow directory browsing.

      Remember also to add to your root directory the file "robots.txt" to
      disallow private directories: if you write the file "secrets.html" I guess
      you don't like a link on AltaVista... even if the file is password protected.

      To avoid directory browsing it's enough to put into it an index.html file
      pointing elsewhere with a META redirection. BTW, the file "default.htm" is
      a standard only on NT servers...

      If your provider use Apache you can do a lot of interesting things with a
      directory: for example, you can hide some files from browsing, leaving
      visible other files.

      I suggest you to download Apache server (it runs even on Win95!).
      You can run it locally at the address http://localhost (there is a way to
      add local web addressess, but it's out of topic here) and you can
      experience everything you need *before* to put online your stuff, even CGI,
      counters and so on.
      I use it to "teach Internet" without the need of a modem.

      Another solution can be a FileMaker 4.x server: the database can track
      users and passwords, giving a very personal access to visitors, and there
      is no need of CGI. Moreover, the same file can be used on Win and Mac.

      Hope this helps!


      Marco Bernardini
      webmaster at
      unofficial personal page:
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