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BK Colour Coder & HTMLib Reference 3/4

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  • Jody
    Hi Laurie, Amitava, and Others, Yep, it is in Help also: Tips and How to... ;) I ve tried to compile all that I could into this one post since new links were
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 1, 2001
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      Hi Laurie, Amitava, and Others,

      Yep, it is in Help also: Tips and How to... ;) I've tried to
      compile all that I could into this one post since new links were
      found and old ones dead. Thanks for confirming that you need
      both shortcuts in NoteTab's main folder for it to work Laurie.
      I vaguely remember that from way back when...

      >Amazing.... that worked!!! But I was able to find the HTML95
      >lib (3.0) but not the 4.0 version, anyone got a link for the 4.0
      >download? the http://www.htmlib.com link seems to be down or
      >gone or something.... its not there.

      As a matter of fact, I asked the same question about a week ago
      and Lotta provided a link, the first below. I found another
      site, the ftp, underneath it. While I was out I found some v3
      locations as well. (I don't know what's up with Steven Hunt's
      site: http://www.htmlib.com, the author.)

      From: Lotta <loro@...>
      Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 20:40:52 +0200
      Subject: Re: [NH] Steve Hunt's HTML Reference Library

      Version 4:

      Version 3:
      The following files are available for download from our FTP server:
      The 'Full' download version of the HTMLib - htmlib9530.zip,
      2,477,239 bytes. This contains all the necessary files for
      installation of the HTMLib, the HTMLib Colour Wizard and the Tips
      'n' Tricks file. These are all tied together in a complete
      installation routine that allows for Custom installations of any,
      or all of the three separate modules.

      The 'Lite' download version of the HTMLib - htmlib9530lite.zip,
      469,954 bytes.
      This contains all of the necessary HLP, CNT files and the HTMLib
      Colour Wizard executable files only. There is no installation
      routine. If you have Visual BasicĀ® 4 installed then the Colour
      Wizard will function properly, otherwise you will need to hunt
      down copies of the various support files (most of which are
      installed by other applications), or download the 'Full' download
      archive instead. A complete list of the necessary support files
      is included in the download archive.

      More version 3 - worldwide downloads
      (Looks like Steven Hunt's site mirrored, but with a lot more downloads)

      Steven Hunt's HTMLib [3|4] Setup.
      (See Tips and How to... in NoteTab's Help also)

      You must have both shortcuts installed to execute from the Help menu:

      HTML Help (Ctrl+F11)
      HTMLib Color Wizard (Shift+Ctrl+O)

      These are the shortcuts in NoteTab's main folder:

      C:\YourPath\NoteTab Pro\ColWiz.exe (Color Wizard)
      C:\YourPath\NoteTab Pro\Htmlib95.hlp (Version 3)
      C:\YourPath\NoteTab Pro\HTMLib.exe (Version 4)

      Old stuff for an example:

      The name of the shortcuts in the NoteTab folder are:
      For Version 3 HTMLib: Htmlib95.hlp
      For Version 4 HTMLib: HTMLib.exe

      For Version 3 HTMLib
      Target: C:\YourPath\NoteTab Pro\HTMLib\Htmlib95.hlp
      Start in: C:\YourPath\NoteTab Pro\HTMLib

      For Version 4 HTMLib
      Target: C:\YourPath\NoteTab Pro\HTMLib.exe
      Start In: C:\YourPath\NoteTab Pro\HTMLib

      Note: You can put any program or file in the shortcuts that you
      want. NoteTab looks for the following shortcut names and then the
      shortcut simply gets executed. So, whatever you have in the
      Target: and Start In: will be what gets executed. If you do not
      have or want HTMLib installed, you can use either one of the
      shortcut names below to start up whatever you wish. You can put
      your favorite color wizard in ColWiz.exe like BK Colour Coder or
      put a shortcut to the weather report in your area if you feel
      like it. ;)


      You might want to use something like one of these instead:

      HTML 4.0 Reference
      Downloadable versions of this reference suitable for offline use.
      Offline Versions: http://www.htmlhelp.com/distribution/

      C:\YourPath\NoteTab Pro\Documents\Help\HTML\40Ref in .HLP\INDEX.HLP
      C:\YourPath\NoteTab Pro\Documents\Help\HTML\40Ref in HTML\wdghtml40\index.html

      Happy HTML'n!


      The NoteTab and Html List...
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