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Re: [NH] 1 css, 3 colors - final and thanks

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  • Jody
    Hi Luciano, Thanks for your comments. I ve been using NoteTab since before v2.63e which, to me, was the best version up to its date. You are correct that
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 23, 2001
      Hi Luciano,

      Thanks for your comments. I've been using NoteTab since before
      v2.63e which, to me, was the best version up to its date. You
      are correct that some names changed both in program and features.
      They make more sense to me, but I've been with all the updates
      and a super big amount of betas, etc. So, these changes which
      actually were making the program better for the majoring of users
      came gradually over time. It is kind of like trying on a new
      pair of shoes somewhat resembling the old. They are very stiff
      and uncomfortable at first, but after a while you find the new
      shoe is better than the old after all (in most cases). All of us
      will find some features that we do not use, but can't live
      without others.

      The scripting code is now grown to almost 900 commands and
      functions and the Clips can now be put on the Clipbar. There
      were only maybe 10 commands in Pro 3.xx. I cannot imagine going
      back there and certainly not another editor (UE and some others
      are really great). I cannot "live without" my Clipbar and Clips!
      Syntax highlighting and variable with fonts mean nothing to me
      and a number of other users. I only bring that out, not trying
      to say you are wrong or me, but to show in any editor we will
      find our own personal preferences. I don't know if you have the
      expression in Brazil, but probably something meaning the same and
      that is, "You/I can't have our cake and eat it too!" When I look
      back at v2/3 it amazes me how much the program has grown and I'd
      never consider going back even one minor version.

      There are some things that Pro sacrificed like not having
      variable width fonts and large paragraphs, but it gained other
      things. The only place Pro does not support the variable widths
      is in the main edit window, it can print them. That is mainly
      because of the input controls used in each.

      Now, I'll blow all that out of the way by saying that in v5 of
      NoteTab we will have a different input control that will have
      fully customizable syntax highlighting and all the fonts.
      Personally, I don't like the idea (because of loosing the speed
      that Pro has now, but not by much), but it is something that I'll
      have to live with to get some other features that I will like.

      I'd give you a couple links to go to, but I will wait for Eric
      to announce them later as I am sure he will want to give thanks
      for all the support, etc.

      > I'd like to conclude my appearance here sharing a few thoughts about
      >Notetab, so that it can be a little more on-topic. I've been using Mini
      >NoteTab and Super NoteTab for 4 years already, I think they are marvelous.
      >Then Erik Fookes made a lot of changes to them, changed their names and
      >doesn't even distribute anymore the versions that I still use. I didn't
      >like the changes. I think the old versions have a much cleaner interface,
      >and it is very important to me. In my humble opinion, the current
      >generation of NoteTabs is somewhat cluttered. Hiding the clipbook and a few
      >bars surely helps a lot, but it still feels a little bit clumsier than the
      >old versions. It also takes longer to load. So I just turned my back on all
      >of new Fookes software and forgot about it for like 2 years. I am trying it
      >again because I like Mini NoteTab and Super NoteTab so much, and if I could
      >have their clean aspect and straightforwardness combined with syntax-color
      >and the new powerful clipbook features, it would be just too good.
      >Unfortunately, my dreams never came true. I downloaded NoteTab Light and
      >was disappointed because it doesn't have syntax color. So now I am trying
      >NoteTab Pro, and it works kind of nice. But it is still far beyond me why
      >Fookes insists on imposing fixed-width fonts on users of NoteTab Pro. Call
      >me picky, but that is a huge turn-off to me. Those fonts really get on my
      >nerves after 30 minutes or so.
      > Bottom-line: I will probably finally "upgrade" from good ol' Super NoteTab
      >to NoteTab Light because of the improved clipboks, but I'm not ready for
      >NoteTab Pro. I will miss the ability to create my own "outline" documents,
      >but it's still not enough to outshine my current favorite editor, Ultra
      >Edit. Ultra Edit is very fast, powerful, sports a better syntax color
      >scheme, all the fonts I want and also includes what NoteTab Pro calls "Disk
      >Search". Of course, it's not free, but it is quite reasonable. I just wish
      >it had something like NoteTab's clipbooks and outline features. Ultra Edit
      >has a very humble way to store templates and snippets, but I guess we just
      >can't have it all. I guess that running Ultra Edit as the main editor and
      >NoteTab Light as a sidekick is a pretty good combination already.
      > Thank you for your ears, and have a great week
      > Luciano Espirito Santo
      > Santos - SP - Brasil
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