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Re: [NH] Need help with HTML form

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  • Rudolf Horbas
    Lotta, ... Aaargh! I didn t mean it like that! Just mocking the arrogance of geeks :-) ... filled in ... before ... U-huh. I couldn t use true/false as values
    Message 1 of 10 , Mar 29, 2001

      > > >Wonder why the users send a message if they can
      > > > see that it's empty???
      > >Because they're stupid :-)))
      > Watch it. . . I'm a user most of the time. ;-)

      Aaargh! I didn't mean it like that! Just mocking the arrogance of
      geeks :-)

      > Maybe I've never filled in a mailto form. I couldn't resist so I
      filled in
      > yours. Dora gave me several warnings and the option to see the text
      > it was sent. Good Dora. Is 2_1=1119 and 2_2=1107 right?

      U-huh. I couldn't use true/false as values (would have made cheating
      easy), so I used numeric 6 different values that are assigned to
      true/false. Kind of dumb. In a script, there will probably be a hash
      file with something like
      2_1=clicked true
      2_2=clicked false

      > No, no. The users won't get a single email. You will get maybe a
      > a week or nothing at all and the forms sent to you will maybe have
      a few
      > lines added to them. Nothing worse than that.

      Hmm. This doesn't sound bad. I don't mind getting spammed a bit; I
      just wouldn't want to have the users bothered.

      > Do you have access to CGI on your server? If so why don't you
      install a
      > script?

      Yes, we have CGI access. And there definitely will be a script, after
      the bad experience with the HTML form mail.

      > BNBForm is a mainly copy and paste one. Even I got it to work in
      > less than an hour, you'll fix it in half that time.

      Uhmm, that sets a high standard (sweat!). I just d'loaded BNBForm,
      but I also got loads of other form2mail-scripts. I was gonna install
      them, but then developped the ambition to come up with an all-in-one
      solution (form evaluation), and decided to go for the simplest
      solution first.

      > PDF, tsssssss. :-)

      (blush) Well, er ... an even simpler solution

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