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[NH] Librarian - Was "To capitalise or not to..."

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  • Carl Swann
    ... Hi Glenn... Allow me to recommend Eric Beecher s most excellent Librarian library, as was mentioned a few weeks ago on the list. It s found on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21, 1999
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      Glenn Dixon wrote:
      > Plus, I take my 'most
      > used' clips of all types and put them in one "My Clipbook" entry (cause I
      > *hate* having to switch back and forth between clip libraries) :o)

      Hi Glenn... Allow me to recommend Eric Beecher's most excellent
      "Librarian" library, as was mentioned a few weeks ago on the list.
      It's found on the Notetab web site under Other libraries. Here's the
      link to download.

      It permits the user to configure *only* the libraries that he/she
      wishes to use, and makes them handily available in a customized
      ToolBar at the bottom of the screen. It also makes switching among
      libraries a breeze! Getting it and looking for yourself is a much
      better way to experience it than my "Monday words" ;-)

      It has greatly increased my own efficiency in working Notetab's
      library resources.


      ||||| Carl Swann, Kingsport TN
      (o o) "Starting slow, and coasting downhill from there"


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