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Re: [NH] code for form

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  • Mette
    Heisan Lotta! and hello Bill and Stephen! I have been reading those CGI scripts up and down since I never saw a CGI script in my life before. I finally got it
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 3, 2000
      Heisan Lotta! and hello Bill and Stephen!

      I have been reading those CGI scripts up and down since I never saw a CGI
      script in my life before. I finally got it to work somehow. I bought this
      package, and found out that the 24 hour support did not include anything on
      how to do this code. That belongs to Premium support department @ $100 or
      per hour. I don't remember, and I can't afford either.

      On my page do I need information about customer's choice of colors, text
      styles, vehicle
      like year, make and model and I have made multiple choice menus for
      mat colors, text styles, etc., year and make of vehicle. But there are just
      far too many models to make a menu for that. Instead I wanted people to
      write in the model themselves in a text box. I prefer all that information
      to be sent along with the order. But I have not figured out how I can get
      <input type="text" size="20" name="?"> to work. The rest of my multiple
      choice menus are all linked together in this way, the first pull down menu
      reflects the variable VARFrill1 from the form:

      <select name="VARFrill1">
      <option value="Number of letters:1<br><li>VARFrill2">1</option>
      <option value="Number of letters:2<br><li>VARFrill2">2</option>
      <select name="VARFrill2">
      <option value="Text style:Block<br><li>Varfrill3">Block</option>
      <option value="Text style:Outline<br><li>Varfrill3">Outline</option>
      <select name="VARFrill3">
      <option value="Mat color: Red<br><li>VARFrill4">Red</option>

      But how can I get the textbox linked in here? I need the input to be sent
      with the rest of the form to. I have tried to call it
      another variable, like VARQuan. But that does not work off course. It is
      a number I ask for in the text box.

      The text between " and <br><li> shows up the shopping cart and on the
      customers order that is sent to me. If I don't include the <br><li> the
      VARFrilln is displayed in the shopping cart. I have not checked if anything
      goes wrong as well.

      > If so, it seems like your cart id is 9929125 and the name of your product
      > is: 1) One piece front
      > mat/plain (139)<br><li>VARFrill1
      > Are you sure that is correct?
      Yes I believe it is correct. The name of the product is in the cgi script,
      I put not only name of product, but also other things as mentioned above.

      > Hej då!
      Lotta, yes I am. A full blood Norwegian living in US. But heading back home
      for a month this week!!

      Stephen how do I find out if the cgi script allow the text box in the middle
      of the form full of multiple choice drop down menus? Thanks for your advice
      and I am happy I found the right list. I was sending it to the clip group
      first, not realizing there were 2 different e-mails.

      I am very happy about this list. I have learned the html I know so far all
      by myself using internet and a couple of books. I needed someone to discuss
      things with. And it helps trying to explain the problem. That already gave
      me more ideas how to solve my problems. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!


      One page with that form is: www.jorgys.com/car_mat_plain_1.htm
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