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[NH] Re: local anchors & spacers

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  • Kevin A. Krall
    ... myriads ... I was afraid you were going to say that...;-) ...unfortunately the tumult around the Linux OS is much ado about nothing ...(it seems we are
    Message 1 of 13 , Jul 22, 1999
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      > > you find a software application that is 100% compliant with all the
      > > of different "stuff" out here let me know will you, I'll be the first in
      > > line. ;-)
      > Try searching in the linux base ;))

      I was afraid you were going to say that...;-) ...unfortunately the "tumult"
      around the Linux OS is "much ado about nothing"...(it seems we are having
      the same disucssion all over again, I don't want to "telnet" into my website
      and make "command line" changes, this is the 1990's and we should take
      advantage of it). However, when Linux is able to support well over 60,000
      applications on multiple platforms without a "glich" (impossible), and have
      a user base of over 250 million then I might be able to compare it with
      "Windows" but until that happens we are comparing "apples to oranges" and
      what's good enough for DISNEY is certainly good enough for me...B^)

      Have a nice day!

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      > »So, you're searching for alien life forms? Don't you meet
      > enough strange people in discussion lists like this one? ;o)«
      > Anthony V. Vitale
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