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980RE: [NH] XHML and all that

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  • Greg Chapman
    Oct 11, 2000
      Hi Jody,

      I hate to join the "Let's bash Jody" brigade, but as we're into blockquoting...

      > Stevie's HTMLib (my emphasis):
      > "The BLOCKQUOTE element is used to contain text quoted from
      > another source.
      > A typical rendering would be a slight extra **_left and right
      > indent_**, and/or italic font. The BLOCKQUOTE element causes a
      > paragraph break, and typically provides space above and below the
      > quote."

      From: http://www.htmlhelp.com/reference/html40/BLOCK/blockquote.html

      Authors should not use BLOCKQUOTE for unquoted material just to achieve a block
      indentation in common visual browsers. With the rise of style sheets, such
      misuse of BLOCKQUOTE will become less reliable while also reducing the author's
      ability to fully exploit the power of style sheets. Cascading Style Sheets
      provide the margin-left property to indent a block.

      In short you'd be much better off with something like:

      margin-left: 10%;
      margin-right: 10%;

      in a style tag/sheet and a <p class="inset">

      It really isn't that difficult! Honest!

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