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979RE: [NH] XHML and all that

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  • Jody
    Oct 10, 2000
      Hi Grant,

      >> I prefer to wait on the new software and then when they create
      >> the latest and greatest HTML for it and they get all the kinks
      >> worked out - change all my code then.
      >I'm sure what you are trying to say here but.

      I'm saying that I'll wait until I absolutely have to before I go
      changing 1000s of web pages, because I suspect there will be many
      more changes before that time comes.

      >Documents marked up in html3.2 have limited
      >functionality...formatting, hyperlinks and image insertion etc.
      >Documents marked up in html 4 have more functionality...better
      >formatting via css, accessibility concerns addressed, clearly
      >defined rules for element inclusion via dtds so avoiding
      >propriety elements etc.

      Yes, but for us simpleminded folk, we don't need all that extra
      stuff. I build very basic web pages because that is all I need.

      >If you learn to construct html as a bunch of formatting hacks.
      >"table" as formatting layout mechanisms, "blockquote" as a
      >formatting hack mechanism to indent text then the syntactic
      >meaning of "table" or "blockquote" is lost. The meaning is lost
      >to such an extent as I have heard Jody a say about using
      >blockquote to indent text .. "that's what I thought it was for"

      And I still say that is what it is for, to indent. I will agree
      that it is to be used by those of you who go by the book as only
      to set off a quoted paragraph, but if I want to use it for
      indenting on both sides I really do not care what the book says.
      <g> I understand there are a number of web pro's like you that
      have to have it done the way it is written and more power to
      you!!! However, if I am pleased with a "hack" job in the eyes of
      the pro's that is my business. I'm sorry if you look at my code
      sometime and puke. <bg>

      I do appreciate your input and perhaps someday you will convert
      me, but now, I am simply a hobbyist HTMLer that wants to get his
      pages up as fast and easy as possible making them somewhat
      presentable. I am only presenting the way I think about it - not
      the way it should be done.

      Stevie's HTMLib (my emphasis):

      "The BLOCKQUOTE element is used to contain text quoted from
      another source.

      A typical rendering would be a slight extra **_left and right
      indent_**, and/or italic font. The BLOCKQUOTE element causes a
      paragraph break, and typically provides space above and below the

      Happy HTML'n!


      The NoteTab and Html List...
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