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  • Lotta
    Sep 29, 2000
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      Hang in there John! Tranquilizers coming up! ;-)

      I'm no Frames expert. BUT... If your image is a true background image, i.e.
      not too large and tiles nicely, I would suggest that you simply specify the
      same background image for both files. If the image is not gigantic it
      should work. I just tested with a gif as large as 180x250. To my surprise,
      and properly due to divine interference, it was seem less. I would have
      thought that image was too big.

      If you have a really big image that is not supposed to tile, I have no
      idea. You need stronger drugs than mine :-(

      God luck!


      At 08:06 2000-09-30, you wrote:

      >Hi I've been working on this page and I decided to use an image as a
      >background so I did this:
      ><body background="images/Iceberg.jpg" bgcolor="Aqua" bgproperties="FIXED">
      >now what I would like to do is to put a floating frame over the top but
      >still be able too see the picture through the page in the frame
      ><body background="images/Iceberg.jpg" bgcolor="Aqua" bgproperties="FIXED">
      >blah blah blah
      ><iframe src="General history.html" width="100%" height="80%" align="middle"
      >blah blah blah
      >I found a tag option in interdev for frame's "allowtransparency"
      >but haven't been able to get it to work.
      >DO I need to get the page to be transparent or the frame?
      >Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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