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824RE: [NH] hyper link printing

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  • Grant
    Sep 4, 2000
      > Somebody please post when the final of NS6 has been released if
      > it has not already in which case, let us know. ;)

      I'm testing on ns6 preview release 2.
      I think the final release is some time of.

      I've also created netscape 6 version of the color picker.
      Apart from the layout, It was pretty easy and only reqired me to change a
      non-standard ie specific
      event-handler "onpropertychange" in the select objects to the standard
      This also works for ie but is less fun as the ie specific version. When
      the focus changes from one option to another in ie this triggers the
      "onpropertychange" in the select object so in ie you can dynamically change
      the display text via the wheel or up-down keys.

      Anyway if it's going to this easy to create dynamic pages in both ns6 and
      ie5 then the sooner ns4 is sent to the dustbin of history the better.
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