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75[NH] Re: Update for New XHTML...upper or lowercase?

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  • Jody
    Jul 17, 1999
      Hi Kevin,

      > I guess now's the time to thank Jody for that HTML Converter,
      > hey Jody any plans for an update to incorporate any of the
      > aforementioned changes?

      Nope, sorry, I am way too bust to work on that project. I fixed
      a couple bugs though. It took me awhile to find it, because I
      made it so long ago I did not remember what the name was. I
      really got to laughing at the code in it and my Continue boxes
      though. It is from way back when. Hopefully one of you can go
      ahead and work on it till it is perfected. There are still some
      minor bugs I am sure and some tags may be missing possibly. Help
      yourself to it and remember to do it on a copy of the file so you
      don't mess up a good work should there be something bad wrong
      with it.

      My DNS is in the middle of an Internic update so use this link:

      c ya,

      I can only please one person a day.
      Today is obviously not your day.
      Tomorrow doesn't look good either. 8?D



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