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74[NH] Update for New XHTML...upper or lowercase?

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  • kevin@weblucent.com
    Jul 16, 1999
      Here's a tidbit of info on whether tis more noble to capitalize, or not to capitalize...

      It appears there is a new "working draft" out concerning the future of HTML...there is...it's called XHTML...proposes some new changes to our current HTML 4.0 DTD.

      All HTML in lowercase, end tags, all attributes in quotes...are just some of the more tasty morsels coming our way with XHTML.

      Full Article is here http://webreview.com/wr/pub/1999/07/16/feature/index2.html

      This stuff is highly advantageous to one who stays ahead of the game.

      I guess now's the time to thank Jody for that HTML Converter, hey Jody any plans for an update to incorporate any of the aforementioned changes?

      Have a good weekend!


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