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7362Re: [NH] CSS drop down menus

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  • Axel Berger
    Jan 26, 2014
      Axel Berger wrote:
      > It must not be mandatory for basic functionality

      A typical negative example is the JSTOR archive for scientific articles.
      They group their volumes by decade and open individual decades through a
      script. Non-script users and those whose browser does not error-correct
      their broken non-working script are left in the rain. The correct way here
      would be to show all volumes initially and hide decades through the script.
      That way non-scripters would see and access everything although having to
      scroll through a long list while the others get to enjoy a nice concise
      view of decades.

      An example of mine is the use of position:fixed for a left column menu.
      This is very nice, as it's always there even when scrolled way down on a
      page, but causes trouble in small windows as it inhibits scrolling inside
      itself and can't be scrolled out on the left. So I use a script to first
      check for minimum needed window size (taking zoom into account) and only
      switch the CSS to :fixed where appropriate. Non-scripters won't see the
      :fixed, but it's only a nice to have anyway, and I don't force it on those,
      for whom it's a nuisance.

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