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7319Re: [NH] Converting Maximum Tags through Document to HTML

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  • Axel Berger
    Aug 16, 2013
      Roopakshi Pathania wrote:
      > Are there particular font sizes that would result

      I really, honestly don't understand you. Receiving text from other
      sources, conversion is what you have to do. But quite apart from NT not
      having and not knowing about font sizes, what would you gain? Is there
      ANY program that makes font size changes as easy or easier than just
      typing "<h3%space%" which is all it takes for autocomplete to kick in?

      > Also, can I put some kind of quotes around my text so that it
      > gets converted into blockquotes?

      I just type "<blqu%SPACE%" or "<p%SPACE%" which call up (several long
      lines, beware!):

      ^!InsertHtml <BLOCKQUOTE><P>^P^&^P</P></BLOCKQUOTE>

      ^!InsertHtml <H3>^&</H3>

      ^!Set %varCLS%=^?[(T=C)&Class:
      %varEMP%=^?[(T=L;H=9)Choose &Emphasis=_|CITE|EM|STRONG|BIG|SMALL];
      %varALN%=^?[(T=L;H=5)&Align (transitional)=center|_|justify|left|right];
      %varBLQ%=^?[(T=L;H=6)Choose &Frame=_|BLOCKQUOTE];
      ^!Set %varEBL%=""
      ^!IfEmpty "^%varBLQ%" noblq
      ^!Set %varEBL%="</^%varBLQ%>"
      ^!Set %varBLQ%="<^%varBLQ%>"
      ^!Set %varEEM%=""
      ^!IfEmpty "^%varEMP%" noemp
      ^!Set %varEEM%="</^%varEMP%>"
      ^!Set %varEMP%="<^%varEMP%>"
      ^!Set %varSTL%=""
      ^!IfEmpty "^%varALN%" quotes
      ^!Set %varSTL%="text-align: ^%varALN%"
      ^!Set %varEQU%=""
      ^!IfEmpty "^%varQUO%" leer
      ^!IfSame "^%varQUO%" "„" ^!Set %varEQU%="“"
      ^!IfSame "^%varQUO%" "“" ^!Set %varEQU%="”"
      ^!InsertWizardHtml ^%varBLQ%<P CLASS="^$StrLower("^%varCLS%")$"

      When typing from scratch, NOTHING is easier and faster than using my own
      HTML clips that have grown around my personal preferences. Anything else
      is more, not less work and hassle quite apart from having one more set
      of syntax to remember on top of all those other ones.

      N.B: Wizards are written such, that often used options are near the top
      and those rarely deviating from the default near the bottom. In the most
      frequent case nothing is entered but a single <RETURN>, all the rarer
      and more complicated cases are dealt with in the minimum number of
      <TAB>s and other keystrokes.

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