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  • Greg Chapman
    Feb 1, 2013

      On 01 Feb 13 12:26 Adrien Verlee <adrien.verlee@...> said:
      > Op 28/01/2013 4:06, Johnn schreef:
      > > I use bare minimum HTML to provide structure, basic usability and
      > readability.
      > >
      > > I just want headers, line breaks, bold, italics and other things
      > to remain intact after pasting from Word.

      I have just been pointed to:


      which may help. The comment that came with the link said:

      I just threw an ugly course syllabus at it and it did pretty well,
      making a reasonable fist of some tables and other presentational

      You would definitely need to go in afterward with a text editor to
      clean things up a bit as there were plenty of empty tags (almost
      certainly inherited from the word document and it's multiple edits by
      multiple people over the years) and (by necessity) all styles were
      inline but for a big document I think this would be faster than
      completely restyling plain text.

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